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Gratuitous photos

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With one more week to go until your first official share, I thought I’d offer up some pictures from around the farm. See you soon!

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Quick recipes…

Dinner last night was simple, healthy and delicious: Basmati Rice with a fresh garden stir fry!

Heat oil in your wok, or large skillet (I use olive, with a splash of toasted sesame oil at the beginning and a wee tad more at the end)

1/2 bunch turnip roots (cut into thick sticks) – cook until just tender

(can also add walnuts here, along with a little red pepper, sea salt)

Next, add your Kale and or Swiss Chard (washed, de-ribbed, and cut to bite size with either knife or clean scissors – it cooks way down, 1/2 bunch for two adults probably)

As always, don’t overcook your greens – watch them as you turn them over with your utensil, they’ll turn a vibrant bright green. Add your last dash of sesame oil, salt to taste or use soy sauce. I also like Sriracha sauce to heat things up a tad. Add some of our chicken to this meal and you’ve got a knock-out dinner.

Now, for breakfast! If you ever feel overwhlemed by how much green you have in your fridge this spring – I might recommend a juicer. Along with our scrambled eggs and raw hakurei turnips today we juiced a refreshing zingy concoction that really got the Sunday started off right.

1 bag spinach spinach,

1 bunch turnip tops,

1 bok choi,

small chunck of ginger,

one lemon,

and two granny smith apples

(makes 3-4 servings)

If you do enjoy juicing, let us know and we’ll be sure to have extra Kale, Tomatoes, Collards, Beets and more available for purchase with your CSA drops.

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Coming Soon… Your CSA Manual

Greetings Shareholders!

Soon your e-mail box will receive a CSA manual with instructions specifically written for your pick-up location. Beyond describing what to expect at your first CSA pick-up, the manual will also give pointers of storing your vegetables. As requested by some of you, here’s an example of crop storage suggestions from Paige Witherington at Serenbe Farms near Atlanta. Be sure to “follow” this blog to receive regular updates like these…

Beans and Peas Put in a plastic bag in the refrigerator
Melons Tap, when it sounds like a low thud, its ripe. If ripe, store melons in refrigerator, if still unripe, leave on counter (we’ll try our best to pick all the melons while ripe)
Cucumbers, Eggplant, Peppers, Summer Squash Wipe off until dry and store in refrigerator in a plastic bag
Herbs Put in plastic bag without water in the refrigerator or with the stems in a cup of water on the counter
Leafy Greens & Green Veggies Put in plastic bag with paper towel to absorb the moisture (so they don’t get slimy) and refrigerate, or wash off first, roll up in clean kitchen towel, and place in a plastic bag (they last long and are ready to eat)
Onions, Potatoes, and Tomatoes Place in a paper bag on the counter or in a dark, dry place that is not too cold, but don’t store onions and potatoes together. If trying to ripen tomatoes, leave on windowsill. (Don’t wash dirt off of potatoes, they keep longer with soil on them)
Winter Squash Keep uncovered in a well-ventilated, cool, dark place
Root   Crops (beets, carrots, celeriac, radish, turnip) Put in plastic bag in the refrigerator with the soil on – don’t wash until ready to use.
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Bonus “Thank you” Share

Big thanks to all of our new CSA members this year! We’re showing our gratitude to those of you that have signed up early by offering a bonus share delivery this week. Hope you enjoy…

Mixed Head Lettuce (2)

Mixed Variety Kale (Red Russian, Dinosaur, and/or  Rainbow Lancinato)

Fordhook Swiss Chard

Gourmet Salad Mix

Tyee Spinach

D’avignon  and/or cherry belle Radish

Bok Choi

Hakurei Turnips

Surprise herbs (Rosemary, sage, cilantro, or sorrell)

If you’d like to add eggs to this week’s bonus share, just call us at the office and we’ll happily get them to you, as always, with no shipping charge.

Finally, I’d like to publicly thank Shannon Duncan, a “WWOOF’er” (Willing Worker on Organic Farms) from Toronto who has worked tirelessly alongside me this winter to help bring you this great food. She’s been an immense help and I wish her the best on her journey back north. Stay warm!

See you all in two weeks, we’ll be sending you more information, pictures, and recipes soon!

Be well, Eat well!

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