CSA: Week 3

Here ye, Here ye! – Please keep bringing your boxes back each week! Many of you are doing this already and others are trying hard to remember. We’ve run low on the insulated boxes for meat this week so you’ll notice a change-up in the packaging.  The meat will be packaged on dry ice in a traditional cooler. When you pick up your share, you will take your bag with your name on it. Please bring your own cooler with ice packs to pick up your shares this week since the dry ice will not be transferable.  The insulated boxes we normally use are costly and we want to keep re-using them, which ultimately means you’re purchasing more protein each week and less cardboard.

On the farm-front – We finally received rain today! Harvesting in the mist and rain this morning was a pleasure after the past two weeks of sun and heat. Our crew starts before daybreak to make sure your salad mix and lettuce get washed and packed before the sun can touch them.  It is a blessed day when harvest falls on overcast misty mornings. You may notice that your greens this week stay fresher for longer in the fridge than in past weeks.

And that’s the theme for this week! Greens, greens and more greens! With some new faces including Cabbage and/or Broccoli in your box this week. Despite our best efforts to thwart the cabbage moths, I have noticed some worm damage in the fields this week. Seeing pest pressure increase this time of year always reminds me that I should be cutting up and freezing some of the beautiful and un-munched leaves now. I invite you to do the same this week. If you’ve got leftover greens from last week, or if you need a week off from Kale, Collards, or Turnips – simply chop up part of your share and stuff them into zip-loc freezer bags to enjoy later in the year.

Here’s what’s on tap this week…

Meat CSA: (call us early in the week for any additional a la carte orders: 229-641-2081)

2x 12oz Grass Fed New York Strip Steaks

1x 1lb Grass Fed Ground Beef

1x 1lb Ground Chicken

1x 8 Way Cut Chicken

Eggs: 12 beautiful free range eggs, hand washed, candled and graded fresh for you each week.

(Call to order this week if not on the egg CSA : 229-641-2081)



1 head assorted Lettuce

1 bag Salad Mix

1 bag Braising Mix

1 bunch Easter egg mix radishes

1 bunch Assorted Kale

1 bunch Collards or Mixed Turnips

1 Snap Peas or 2nd Head Lettuce

1 head Broccoli or Cabbage

1 Gourmet Herb Bunch

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5 thoughts on “CSA: Week 3

  1. Robert Lynch

    If you would like us to bring our own coolers and ice blocks for the meat, it would be nice to be told earlier than 11pm the day before

    • Mr. Lynch,

      I sincerely apologize for the late warning concerning the meat CSA boxes this week. We thought that the shipment of new boxes would arrive in the nick of time and we were disappointed when it didn’t. As you can also see by the time-stamp on this posting, 10:00pm is when I finally get to sit down and check e-mails or write the farm blog.

      Really, there’s no excuse that forgives the late warning to bring your own boxes. Hopefully, there won’t be a “next time” as long as everyone keeps returning boxes. (Thanks to all who did today – Great job!) But if there is a time in the future when our box inventory runs low, I’ll offer a heads up as soon as I’m aware of it via e-mail.

      Thank you for your feedback and I hope you enjoy this week’s selections.
      Be well, eat well,

  2. Hey Tripp! How do I tell the difference between the salad mix & the braising mix? Thanks!

  3. Hey Tripp! How do I tell the difference between the salad mix & the braising mix? Thanks, Carrie

    • Great question! I meant to clarify in the initial post. So, the braising mix is about 50% arugula + other asian greens (red mustard, hon tsai tai, etc) that are perfect for spicing up stir fry or anyhting else. The salad mix has different colors and shapes of lettuces (including red leaves – this is the best way to tell them apart) but also some younger more tender asain greens this week. So the salad mix this week has a kick to it, and it’s best served with a sweet ingredient or two for balance. Try walnuts and cranberries with a sweet balsamic in the dressing. Hope you enjoy!

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