CSA Week 4

Welcome back to another great week of fresh vegetables, pasture-raised eggs, and the finest humanely-raised local meats. For a few families in the Columbus area, this is your first week – A sincere thank you and a big welcome go out to you all. We’re so glad you’re on board with us.

Another big round of thanks to everyone for returning your boxes last week, especially the meat boxes. I sincerely apologize for giving late notice to you regarding bringing coolers to transfer your shares. Also, I appreciate the feedback you’ve offered this week concerning the Meat CSA, and we are going to try something a bit different with packaging in the future (stay tuned for details). This week you will receive your regular White box for the Meat CSA, and as usual – Please return it to us the following week.

News from the farm: We’re proud to have Jaime Hamilton volunteering with us for the next couple weeks. Hailing from Cincinnati, OH, Jaime has been travelling the southern US since last Fall. His intended goal is to save the world by sustainably growing organic vegetables. We’re behind him 100%. And in the fields, we’re digging new potatoes, trellising tomatoes with blessed green fruits, watching squash and cucumbers blossom with early promises, laying out sweet onions for curing, and weeding, weeding, weeding. The new baby chicks hardly look like babies anymore and they’re taking well to their new home, home on the range. Now, if all the sheep would learn to obey the low voltage electrical fence and stay out of their chicken feed, then all would be right in the world.

Here’s what we’re bringing to the table this week:

Meat CSA: (call us early in the week for any additional a la carte orders: 229-641-2081)

1 x 2.5 lb Grass-Fed Oxtail

2 x 1 lb Grass-Fed Stir Fry Beef

1 x 2.5lb Ground Lamb

Eggs: 12 beautiful free range eggs, hand washed, candled and graded fresh for you each week.

(Call to order this week if not on the egg CSA : 229-641-2081)


1 bag Salad Mix

1 bunch Easter egg mix radishes

1 bunch Assorted Kale

1 bunch Collards or Mixed Turnips

1 bunch Beet Greens or Swiss Chard

1 Snap Peas or Carrots

3 pounds potatoes

1 scallion

1 Gourmet Herb Bunch

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3 thoughts on “CSA Week 4

  1. kirk rouse

    Tripp, I am excited about the lamb. I mix a third lamb with two thirds beef. Put a little grated onion, salt, pepper and about 2 tablespoons of sour cream. make burgers and grill medium. Delicious!

  2. Lisa

    Another beautiful box! Can’t wait to get home and get into the kitchen. Thanks guys!!

  3. Nathalie

    Loved the box this week….only one problem. I heard a rumor there was going to be a pyrenees puppy in my box (maybe next week?)

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