CSA: Week 6

For many of our members, “Mom” is responsible for committing the family to this 30 week culinary adventure. Good on ya! When the rest of the family is groaning that there’s no more room in the fridge once you unload this week’s share box, we’re still here applauding you for supporting your family’s health and the health of local sustainable agriculture. We’ve included alot of new veggies this week to help with the celebration, and the Meat Share is a special “Mother’s Day Grill Out Package.” So, here’s to all of the mothers out there who give so much love to this world that it makes it all seem somehow possible. Happy Mother’s Day from all of us cowboys, butchers and gardeners at White Oak Pastures!

One housekeeping note; for those individuals that opted for the installment plan please mark your calendars that all second installments are due by Friday May 18, 2012. You can mail a check, or just call Amber in the office: 229-641-2081.

And a quick farm update: We’ve received some terrific and well needed rains and we may get more today. Sweet potatoes are planted and we’ve even harvested a couple early tomatoes.  They’re delicious and I can’t wait to share – Shouldn’t be long now before you’ll start seeing some in your boxes. Sadly, as I’ve noted before – we’re in the final weeks of lettuce and salad mix. As spring warms, the sun and heat turn lettuce bitter and cause the heads to bolt more quickly (“bolting” is when a plant flowers in an effort to “go to seed”)  So enjoy your salads now but have no fear though, because cucumbers, eggplants and cantaloupes will soon take their place.


Meat CSA: (call us on Mondays for any additional a la carte orders: 229-641-2081)

A Special “Mothers Day Grill Out Package”

2 – 7 oz Grassfed Beef Patties

1 – Grassfed Sirloin Steak or London Broil

1 – Chicken Breast Package 2.5 lbs

Eggs: 12 beautiful free range eggs, hand washed, candled and graded fresh for you each week.

(Call to order this week if not on the egg CSA : 229-641-2081)


1 bag Salad Mix

1 bag Braising Mix (toasted sesame oil and a wok are your best friends here, mix up with whatever roots and White Oak Pastures protein you have leftover. Contains: Arugula, Mizuna, Tat Soi, Baby Kale, and Red Mustard)

1 bunch Hon Tsai Tai (great taste raw, or added to Braising Mix for stir fry)

1 large or 2 small  head Lettuce

Watermelon Radishes (slice into medallions, then cut into pizza wedges – the pink inside is mild, almost sweet – but be careful because the rind is spicy hot)

1 bunch Assorted Kale

1 Swiss Chard

1 bunch Beets (first harvest from new batch – enjoy!)

1 pt Sugar Snap Peas or Broccoli shoots (waning days of sugar snaps)

1 bunch Kentucky Mint (Mojitos, anyone?), Italian Flat-leaf Parsley (finely diced into home-made salad dressing, yum), or Sage (great with Chicken, also try adding whole sage leaves onto Grilled Cheese sandwiches – Amazing!)

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2 thoughts on “CSA: Week 6

  1. Sarah K.

    Love that you guys are adding so many ideas for these newfound treasures! Keep the good stuff coming.

  2. Chrissy

    I agree…thanks for taking the time to post the info and ideas.

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