Week 9 Recipes:

Icebox pickles – Wax beans with Toasted Almonds –  Sauerkraut – Cabbage Rolls with Ground Lamb – Lamb and Potato Skillet

Half of you will receive Pickling Cucumbers this week. The rest of you just slice and enjoy whatever varieties you have. We try to get to them young but the long weekend made it tough to keep up with that many plants. They’ll still make excellent pickles for you. I recommend keeping some “Icebox pickles” on hand throughout the summer. Try this recipe from The Splendid Table… Icebox Pickles Inspired by Lois Lee from the Splendid Table August 28, 2010 show, Lynne Rossetto Kasper.

And all of you will receive 1 pound of either green or yellow wax bush beans. Here’s a tasty recipe for Wax beans with Toasted Almonds. Of course, you could always wash them and eat them raw. Delicious!

With 2 cabbages last week and more coming this week, you could always knock out some of my favorite – yummy healthy Sauerkraut. But with this week’s Meat CSA containing Ground lamb and Ground Turkey, we thought this recipe was a nice one:   Cabbage Rolls w/ Ground Lamb or Turkey

If you run out of cabbage and still have ground one or the other, try this recipe from my favorite convenient site, Allrecipes.com, for Lamb and Potato Skillet.

Alright, that should help clean out the fridge a bit. Be well, eat well!

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