CSA: Week 10

Where I learned to farm up in Pennsylvania, we had a structure called a bank barn. Nestled into the side of a hill, or “bank”, the two-story barn was accessible by either the top or the bottom of the hill.  The first story on the lower side of the hill, was as cool as a wine cellar and a pleasure to work in throughout the year. As temperatures have increased over the past few weeks here, I’ve observed the necessity of such a structure. Although I have makeshifted storage for potatoes and onions to properly cure, I do not have the proper long-term storage area to keep them.  So, rather than give them out to you incrementally throughout the rest of the CSA term – This week the veggie CSA members will each be receiving a 10 lb bag of assorted color potatoes. You’ll want to keep them in a cool, dry place.

But don’t eat them all right away – Make sure you save enough to make Red White and Blue mashed potatoes for July 4th!

Also, for the Meat CSA members – thanks for your survey feedback! The next post will be a brief tutorial with hints for cooking up grass-fed meats. After the post, I’ll add it to the CSA manual so it’s always accessible at the Blog’s toolbar.

Quick news from around the farm. We had a little more rain this week and some beautiful mild temperatures last weekend. I hope everyone is finding time to enjoy the grill or prepare a picnic.  We all know that  have kept smiles on our faces throughout the week. Just in time before the rain, we were able to disc in the Sorghum-Sudangrass and buckwheat cover crops from the potato field, as well as the new 2 acre field we’ll plant with greens this Fall. I’m hoping for a good stand that will out compete the pigweed and bermudagrass you’ve heard me speak of  glowingly in the past.

The melons and eggplants and peppers will be making their appearances soon enough. But this week, the star of the show is the Tomato! Cherokee Purple, Pink Beauty, Market Wonder, Green Zebra, Mortgage Lifters, Pruden’s Purple, and Black Krim to name a few.  I tried to include some ready for eating right away and a couple that would benefit from a day or two to ripen up. Please refer back to the CSA manual which gives storage suggestions for most of our veggies. But more to the point, don’t put your tomatoes in your refrigerator. Go ahead and take them out of the bag and place them on a table, not touching each other. This is what it’s all about folks! You remember when you thought you would never see the end of salad mix and braising mix. We’re ten weeks in and the seasons are offering new bounty. We’re so proud and grateful to have you here to share it with. Many thanks. Be well, eat well!


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Meat CSA: (call us on Mondays for any additional a la carte orders: 229-641-2081)

1 Grass-fed Chuck Roast 3lbs

1 Grass-fed Cube Steak 1lb or Stir-Fry Beef

1 Chicken Breast 2-2.5lbs

Pasture Raised Eggs: 12 beautiful assorted color eggs, form our own hens that range freely on certified organic pasture. The eggs are hand washed, candled and graded fresh for you each week.

(Call to order this week if not on the egg CSA : 229-641-2081)


1 head Lettuce (Surprise!!! And you thought it was all gone! We sure try to please.)

1 bunch Assorted Kale

1 bunch Collards or Swiss Chard

1 bunch Carrots or 1 lb Yellow/Green Wax Bush beans

1-3 Cabbages (Enjoy while they last)

Brocoli or Cauliflower

4-5 Summer Squash

2-3 Slicing Cucumbers

1 bunch Fennel

10lbs Potatoes (Red Pontiac, Colorado Rose, All Blue, Canela, Alby’s Gold, and German Butterball)

5-8 Tomatoes (Mixed heirloom and hybrid varieties)

***Don’t forget, your maters and taters are bagged separately, so don’t leave them behind when you grab your box. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “CSA: Week 10

  1. Lindsay Boring

    Thanks in advance for quickly moving the heirloom tomatoes to us! I can’t wait! Tehre is nothing better and I cant wait to try them….

    Lindsay Boring

  2. Genie Hughes

    Hah! I had to look twice at one of the pictures, at first I thought I saw mice, but they are beautiful gray kittens! Thanks for the smile.

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