Summer Egg Rations

Oh, the joys of seasonal eating! This week marks the beginning of summer egg rationing where we split up egg orders by delivery date. This week eggs will be delivered to the Thursday delivery points and NOT Columbus. Next week, we’ll have eggs for Columbus on Saturday and NOT Warner Robins. This pattern will continue until our egg production picks up again. Here’s why…

Raising laying hens on pasture is a daily adventure full of joys and challenges. Here at White Oak Pastures, we have made a commitment to our animals to provide free-range access to certified organic pasture. Therefore, unlike confined and housed factory-farmed egg layers, our mother hens live out their days seasonally – with sun and rain and heat and cold. Of course, while we offer shelter from weather and cozy nest boxes for laying, extremes in temperature ultimately affect layer production – especially since we don’t use any artificial lighting. We find it important for the health and well-being of the birds to allow them to exhibit their natural instinctive behaviors and rhythms in response to the seasons.

Thankfully, we have a new flock of hens that are beginning to lay this month.  And starting this week you’ll begin to see their medium-sized eggs mixed into your cartons.  We’re so happy that they’re starting to lay now because the increased heat has caused the older flock to all temporarily slow their egg production.

I’m writing you with this explanation because you have entrusted us to provide eggs for you and yours. Your CSA share is our #1 priority and all eggs at this moment are being reserved exclusively for your orders. So, to re-cap: You will receive all the eggs that you’ve paid for.  This week eggs will be delivered to the Thursday delivery points and NOT Columbus. Next week, we’ll have eggs for Columbus on Saturday and NOT Warner Robins.  As soon as supply is back up we will let you know.


Thanks again so much for your support!

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2 thoughts on “Summer Egg Rations

  1. Dulce Rothacker

    I noticed that your chickens that I buy from Whole Foods here in Columbus,OH don’t have the innards included which my husband always look forward to have them for breakfast. I hope you will include in the package the innards.Thanks.

    • Hi Dulce,

      Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry that you were disappointed when you did not receive the chicken innards. Unfortunately, the majority of customers wouldn’t know what to do with these, so we keep them to make organic compost. We also offer these items to interested customers like you in our online store, Please check out our online store, if you would like to have them shipped to you!

      Thanks again for your feedback,

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