CSA: Week 15

Rain today!!! Glorious Rain! And I hope all of you received some for your parched yards and gardens as well. As dry as its been, we’ve stayed busy here on the farm. We’ve already begun seeding for fall cole crops (cabbages, brussel sprouts and more), and we’re looking forward to sharing early harvests of winter squashes and some limited melons starting next week. This is the mid-point of the CSA, and we’re thankful to still have 12 items in the veggie boxes this week. As we creep into the doldrums of summer, when temperatures soar and water becomes scarce, the plants start thinking of other ways to use their energy, switching from fruiting to just surviving. We will make it through July, but it is still too soon to forecast when the summer veggie hiatus will begin. As you’ve read in the preceding blog entry and recent e-mail, the egg CSA is already on its summer schedule.

And speaking of eggs, I’d like to take a moment to brag on my assistants. They do such good work everyday. Nowadays, we work from 6am to noon, and then we break until 4:00pm and work till the day is done. That way we beat the heat and allow for some harvesting in mornings and again during the relative cool of the evenings. We sweat everyday, and sing, and laugh, and pour our energy into this food we lovingly pack and carry to you. Sharing food this way provides such meaningful work for us. Thank you for making it possible through your membership. We’re half-way into the journey, the middle of July. Let’s celebrate the good food of the season! Here’s what you can expect to see this week…

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Meat CSA: (call us on Mondays for any additional a la carte orders: 229-641-2081)

1x Chicken Leg Quarters 2lbs

2x Grass-Fed Ribeye Steaks 14oz or Grass Fed NY Strip Steaks 12oz

1x Ground Chicken 1lb


12 beautiful assorted color eggs, form our own hens that range freely on certified organic pasture. The eggs are hand washed, candled and graded fresh for you each week.

(Call to order this week if not on the egg CSA : 229-641-2081)

No a la carte orders this week. Stay tuned for availability updates…



3 lb Mixed Potatoes

Mixed Eggplant

Bush Beans or Asian Cucumbers or Hot Peppers

1 bunch Carrots (we’re nearing the end of the carrots – so enjoy!)

Sweet Peppers

Baby Leeks (Tender onions grown for their stems. Chop up and use in place of onion in any recipe, great in soups. These were the first plants I seeded in the greenhouse but they were still late in the season. So we’re going to enjoy these as baby leeks and look forward to fully grown leeks (already seedlings now) that we’ll harvest this winter.

Mixed Okra

1 bunch Basil (Genovese, Purple Ruffles, Thai, or Cinnamon)

Tomatoes (Mixed heirloom and hybrid varieties)

1 bunch Surprise Herb (Fennel bulb, Mint, Stevia, or Sage)

and introducing… Sweet Potato Greens – (We’re growing lots of sweet potatoes for the fall, but these productive tubers are also known for their nutritious and tasty greens that they provide through the summer – more description and recipe to follow in the next blog post.

***Don’t forget, your ‘maters are bagged separately, so don’t leave them behind when you grab your box. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “CSA: Week 15

  1. MySustainableAdventures

    Great blog Trip! I look forward to a return visit in October!

  2. Lisa

    I am very super excited about the sweet potato greens!! Never tried ’em before, but can’t wait!

  3. Jodi

    Been cooking cabbage soup, beef stir fry, kale chips, salads, pickled cukes…all with wholesome food from the CSA! You can really tell the difference in fresh picked veggies from the store bought! Thanks for all you do!

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