Sweet Potato Greens

Summer Sweet Potato Greens are here! These greens are popular in African and Filipino dishes, often cut finely and sautéed with meat or fish then added to piping hot white rice. Here are some links to some recipes I’ve found for you to try.  Enjoy!


When faced with a new vegetable or leafy green, we’ve adopted a pretty standard operating procedure: Heat some fat (butter, oil, bacon grease) in a pan and soften a diced onion. Throw in the vegetable and sauté until it’s ready to eat. Toss in some salt and pepper.

Most of the time, that’ll get you 90% of the way there.  Then you just decide what extra flavor you want to add (something spicy, like Sriracha? or savory, like soy sauce?) to complement the vegetable in question.

In this case, we wanted to play up the subtle sweetness of the greens, so we stirred in a little maple syrup.

The result was fab: The greens were fresh yet earthy, with a hint of sweetness. A perfect side dish for an early fall meal!”



“Are sweet potato leaves edible? You bet they are! My family has been using a simple, yet traditional, Filipino sweet potato leaves recipe ever since I can remember. In Tagalog, the Philippines’s national language, sweet potato leaves are called kamote tops and this recipe is usually called kamote tops salad. “



A video demonstration of a Guinean Recipe

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