CSA: Week 18

It may be the first week in August but it already hints of Fall. We started picking Winter Squash this week! Most of the big colorful squash will cure for around 10 – 20 days before heading into cooler environs. Once you receive them in September, you can keep them in your root cellar (if you’re cool enough to have one of those – and I’m definitely jealous if you are). But until then, we can and will be enjoying the Winter Squashes that have a more tender skin, and so don’t require a curing period. This week we will have Acorn squash – OR – you may be one of the lucky few to be receiving Cantaloupe. Many of our Cantaloupe succumbed to the weather, which was so dry and hot for so long and then became all too soggy for several days. In fact, as is often the case with our homegrown goodies, the exterior may be flawed on your melon, but please take care to avoid the bad spot and enjoy the other 95%.  We planted enough for everyone to have cantaloupe for two weeks and it was disappointing to only harvest the few. So if you get a melon, please savor it  in honor of the rest of us who didn’t. Next week, you can look forward to Delicata and mixed Acorns. And don’t fret too much if melons are really your thing, September should bring you more watermelons.

It seems to be another week of scrumptious bounty in the Meat CSA. And in honor of Chicken’s return to the box, we have Sage as an herb option in the veggie box.  The Stevia looked so great this week I had to share it too. Remember, you can dry out any herbs that you don’t get around to eating. Just hang it upside down in a cool, dry, area of your home that gets a  little airflow.

After next week’s CSA delivery, we will be taking the summer break. For at least 2 weeks, maybe 3 (the plants decide, not me), there will be no deliveries on Thursdays.  (Please go ahead and return your boxes, all of them if you have an extra lying around somewhere – you know who you are) However, we will keep setting up at the Columbus Market. Again, No CSA delivery, but if you miss us you could come say hello and return your boxes anyway.  Also, we will be giving out the make-up Egg CSA share the weekend of 8/18.

Ok, enough boring news, let’s talk food…

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Meat CSA: (call us on Mondays for any additional a la carte orders: 229-641-2081)

1x Grass-Fed Bottom Round Roast (3lbs)

1x 8 Way Cut Chicken

1x Chicken Legs (2lbs)


Pasture Raised Eggs: 

12 beautiful assorted color eggs (mostly dark brown), form our own hens that range freely on certified organic pasture. The eggs are washed, candled and graded fresh for you each week.

(Call to order this week if not on the egg CSA : 229-641-2081)



Cantaloupe or Acorn Squash

Mixed Squash, patty-pans, and Zucchini

Purple Onions

Mixed Eggplant

Sweet Peppers

Hot Peppers – Small bag

Mixed Okra (Burgundy and Clemson Spineless)

1 bunch Basil (Genovese, Purple Ruffles, Thai, or Cinnamon)

Tomatoes (Mixed heirlooms and hybrid varieties, also Sungold Cherries – Don’t worry, the fall planting is on it’s way to the rescue)

1 Herb bag (Stevia or Sage)

I bag Sweet Potato Greens (We received several good reviews on these – if you didn’t try them the last time, here’s your second chance! – see previous post on cooking tips)

***Don’t forget, your ‘maters are bagged separately, so don’t leave them behind when you grab your box. Enjoy!

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