Early February CSA!

Hello everyone,  I hope this announcement doesn’t inconvenience anyone, but we are moving up the CSA delivery to Thursday Feb 7th and Saturday Feb 9th. This decision comes in light of severe storm damage suffered in the garden yesterday. Everyone is physically safe here, however, the storms did carry away one of our Hoop Houses that was protecting baby seedlings set for the first March CSA delivery. We’re going to be fine and we’ll still have food for mid-March. Yet the maturing crops originally set for delivery two weeks from now will now be plowed under to make room for more seedlings. Thankfully, the warmer than normal weather punctuated the growth of many of the crops so you’ll be able to receive a full crate of veggies next week.

In addition, our Winter Internet Sale will kick off this Friday. If you’d like to add any meat items to your CSA order, please get your order in before Monday at 5:00pm. We hope the sale is a big success, feel free to tell your friends.

Thank you for your understanding, and we truly hope everyone is safe after yesterday’s storms. Here’s a picture of our upside down hoop-house, as well as the bounty awaiting in the still-standing one. See you all next week!

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One thought on “Early February CSA!

  1. Cindy Martin

    Attached you will find a signed shareholder committment for Cindy Martin.

    I am confused about an email I received a few days ago about the CSA shipment being moved up to this week. Does this apply to me or is for the Winter CSA?

    Thank you, Cindy Martin

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