More CSA spaces will be available in May!

Our meat CSA is still open! And as you may have noticed, the Vegetable and Egg CSA have temporarily sold out. We are so happy to have everyone on board with us again this year. We will re-open sign-ups for the remaining shares once the season is well underway and our new batch of laying hens start doing their part. Please send us your e-mail address so that we can update you when more shares become available.

A quick update for our Veggie CSA members: Mother Nature has decided that our farm’s path to March’s first CSA delivery would be an uphill one. As you recall, storm damage relieved us of 1/3 of our protected growing space for early Spring. And quickly following that unfortunate event, a subsequent monsoon relieved us of most of the seeds in our lower fields. We have been working tirelessly ever since to make sure we’ll have enough of the quality and variety of vegetables that we regularly provide this time of year.  This is why we have cut-off sign-ups prematurely and plan to re-open sign-up again come May.

All that being said, the first shares of the season may seem comparatively light next to the share boxes to come later in the Spring, Summer and Fall. This is usually the case, but I feel that a reminder is in order each year and especially this one. For 2013, White Oak Pastures is your farm and what occurrences mother nature doles out will directly effect all of our plates equally. That’s the beauty of a CSA, your membership grants you an intimate seasonal experience that tethers and binds all of us together to the highs and lows of the season, distributing the risks and rewards to 100 families instead of one. So, we may begin our journey in the cold and wet of spring with abundant greens upon greens and we may end it with so many peppers and eggplant we can’t see straight. But all along the way, I promise that my days (and most nights) will be wholly dedicated to making sure you and your family are well fed and receiving your money’s worth.

Here’s a picture of what the recent rains brought us. We just dried out long enough to get potatoes in the ground, but we’ve lost the young beets, carrots and radishes that were planned for harvest in March. Replacement beds have been planted already and the farm crew is staying positive. Meanwhile, the greenhouse is busting at the seams with new transplants waiting on dry weather to prep new beds. With all this waiting on the weather, don’t be surprised if you see some canned goodies from last fall’s harvest in your early share-boxes. We’ll see you in March!


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6 thoughts on “More CSA spaces will be available in May!

  1. Kat Mournighan

    And how many slots do we have or need for Americus?

    • Hey Kat! Americus is good to go. Call me at your convenience tomorrow and we can talk specifics. We also need to pick up some more Koinonia goodies to sell in our farm-store. Talk to you soon!

  2. Debi McDade

    Hey, Tripp. We are so excited about the upcoming CSA. We will pick up at WOP–do you know what our first pick up date will be?

    • Hi Debi,
      Your pick-up at White Oak will be Friday, March 15th. We’ll be ready for you anytime after 12noon until 5:00pm. Can’t wait! See ya then!

  3. Casey

    Hey Tripp, Is March 14th to first pick up date for Warner Robins? Thanks, Casey

    • That’s right! We’ll update the Blog soon to let you know what to expect inside your share boxes next week! See you soon!

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