Introducing “a la carte” options

Well, I hope everyone is coping well with the diurnal jet-lag that is “springing forward” for daylight savings.  This week marks the beginning of regular CSA deliveries and we couldn’t be more excited. Many of you have expressed interest in expanding the varieties of products that we offer each week beyond the Organic Vegetables, Pasture-Raised Meat and Scrumptious eggs that we’ve offered the past two years. SO… We are pleased to introduce over the next few weeks some new offerings we are really excited about! In light of inclimate weather events, our lighter than normal vegetable shares will be amended to include samplings from the following farmers. If you like what you see (or, um… taste!), then contact us and we’ll start making these offerings a routine option for everyone!

Pleasant Valley Strawberries! –  Now we do grow strawberries, but we want to make sure we have enough for everyone to enjoy. So we’re partnering Pleasant Valley in Colquitt GA who are known for their exceptionally sweet and fresh strawberries. We’re planning to include these in your veggie box on week 4.

Dairy! – Ask and ye shall receive. Please email me if you are interested in receiving a separate dairy share that could include Organic Milk, Butter, and several types of cheeses produced in partnership between our own Jay “the Cheesemonger” Barrows and Working Cow Dairy in Alabama. ( Look for his acclaimed Farm-Fresh Paneer cheese to grace your Veggie-boxes on week 3.

Canned-Goodness! – Evelyn is the queen of canning at White Oak Pastures’ Pasture to Plate Restaurant! And since there are only so many okra, peppers, tomatoes, turnips, cabbages, and so on that a family can eat during the year, we can alot of the seasonal freshness into jars to share during leaner months  And so it is in early Spring: We may not have peppers on the bush, but I’ve got pepper jelly for your toast! Look for a sampling of our most popular jars to be shared in Week 2 with your veggie boxes.

Breads! – More to come here, we have a couple of sources for AMAZING! bread – from slicing 100% freshly ground wheat breads to Artisan loaves that would make the French jealous.

Pecans! – We’ve planted some trees of our own in recent years all around the farm. But George and Becky Rogers at Pecan Point Farm are great friends of ours and we’re hoping to introduce their terrific pecans to you on week 5.  

Last but not least, for any of you that are participating in the Vegetable CSA or Egg CSA only, please know that you can always add Meat to your order each week by shopping online with us at  We ask that you submit your order by Monday at noon.  And just like last year, your order will arrive at your CSA location in an insulated box on dry ice or with gel packs.  When you pick up your items, you will transfer them to your own cooler or bag to carry home. The boxed packaging and any gel packs will stay with us to be re-used. That way you don’t pay for any packaging – just protein! (The picture above shows our new cooler bags which are available to our market customers for $5 – they’re insulated and work great for carrying all your groceries home from market, but especially our meat! Call us and we’ll bring one for you with the next delivery.)

Thanks for helping us spread the word. You are our MVP customers that receive the freshest and best we can offer each week. We think of each of you as part of our extended family and strive everyday to serve you better. I’ll write you Tuesday and let you know what to expect in your share boxes this week – Take care until then!


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12 thoughts on “Introducing “a la carte” options

  1. Jesse Rae Atkinson

    Hey Tripp! All these new additions sound amazing! I would love to try some of the milk and cheese! I’m so sad we aren’t doing the CSA this year…we are moving to NC in June 😦 We will however be coming to the Columbus Farmers Market until we move so Gracie can talk your head off (and you can meet Kenzie our new addition)!!

    I would like to order meat from you until we move so should I just call each week or order online?

    Also do you bring eggs with you to the market?

    See you soon! Jesse Rae

    • North Carolina is a lucky state to be receiving you guys. We’ll actually be at the Columbus market site this upcoming Saturday prior to the market officially opening in April. If you order by noon Monday we can get it to you, and we may have eggs too – we’ll see how that goes this week. Alot of our birds are still deciding if they want to work for their feed or not. So sad to lose you but we’ll keep you fed until June anyway! We’ll see you soon!

  2. Sandy Cols

    Hi Tripp, these new items sound pretty exciting, especially the dairy. I’m wondering if you will be selling extra eggs and vegetables this week for non-CSA members? Should I order the eggs online or just show up on Saturday? And I would be very interested in the organic milk from the dairy.  Is that not possible since I’m not a CSA member, or is it going to be a separate CSA?   I must confess, I delayed too long and missed joining the CSA starting up this week in Columbus. I was trying to figure out how to get the deliveries when we would be out of town, I just can’t afford to pay for too many weeks of vegetables that we don’t get to eat. I had almost decided to consider it a “donation” to local farming — but too late! The CSA is full, so I am planning to stop by your stand on Saturday mornings to buy as much as I can. Especially the eggs.   Thanks, we’ll be seeing you I’m sure in Columbus. Sandy and Nic Cols  


  3. LSmith

    Can you tell me how we add something to our pickup, I.e. your weekly artisan sausage or extra strawberries? Do we call or send an email? I am so excited for this coming Saturday…I love surprises!

  4. georgeanne mcpeters

    Hi Tripp!

    I am definitely interested in diary products! Please let me know more!

    Looking forward to the first spring share on Wednesday (in Albany)

    Georgeanne McPeters

  5. We would absolutely be interested in a dairy CSA, or even just having access to Working Cows Dairy products down here in WR. Would love to know more!

  6. We are THRILLED about this weekend’s exciting boxes of deliciousness! :). Can’t wait to hear more about the possibility of adding dairy too! Thanks for all of the hard work and dedication that you all put into this. It is appreciated!!

  7. knpoduch

    Very excited about the new additions! Do we know what we are going to be getting in this weeks basket yet? Thanks!

  8. Gary

    I am thinking you might be referring to Peace Valley at Colquitt rather than Pleasant Valley. If it is one in the same they do have sweet and delicous berries, generally picked fresh daily.

  9. I would like to try the milk and cheese! I am new to this experience but I have enjoyed my veggies! I am not sure what to do with a lot of them but I am having fun trying new things!

    • We’ll send out an email with week 3 detailing available options concerning dairy. And feel free to search past recipes for any of the items in your share box you may be unfamiliar with. The “Search” box is located to the right of the Blog’s page –> Or just email me if you get snagged on some food you really haven’t a clue what to do with. I always recommend the website: or just Google it – Chances are there’s already a food Network documentary on the very question you’re asking.

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