Quick update for Columbus & a Congratulations!

Quick heads up to the Columbus folks, Tomorrow there is a race downtown. But we will still be there among the fit masses. A rep from the city said we could still operate the normal drop-off spot during our regular hours, 8 until 10:00am.  If anything unexpected happens, Frankie will call each of you to let you know his whereablouts. Also, Frankie is bringing some extra veggies and eggs to sell so tell your friends and make sure he drives home empty handed! And start telling your friends and neighbors to come out and see us on April 6th when the regular market begins as well. See you there!

And Big News today: Cindy Barrows and Evelyn Taylor, aka the infamous White Oak Pastures Canning Crew, have just successfully completed “Better Process Control School.” The week long training course held at UGA in Athens focuses on value added products including canning low acid and acidified foods. I can’t wait to see the great products we’ll be able to offer in the future once Cindy and Evelyn start rolling. In two weeks, we’ll be featuring their first creation in your veggie-boxes, Pickled Hakurei Turnips! And as more and more options become available, we hope to make them available to you for add-on orders via the website or Blog updates. Much like the sausage we’re now offering, these canned items will be in limited supply so make haste when you hear the update.





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4 thoughts on “Quick update for Columbus & a Congratulations!

  1. Tammy Szczepanski

    We have soccer tomorrow morning but I will try to get there as soon as I can after our 9am game topick up mine and April Gonzalez as she just had surgery. Sorry! -Tammy


    • That’s ok. If you’re ever late, text me or Frankie to let us know and he’ll just leave your boxes with Iron Bank for late pick-up. Just maybe buy a cup of joe while you’re there to say thanks for their kindness.

  2. fcf111.excite

    Your update blog has confused me as to how the csa works. Earlier you stated do to weather our boxes would be lighter than normal. The most recent blog states that you have extra vegetables to sell at Columbus. I thought that if there was a deficient we would get less, if there is a surplus we would receive more. Please explain how the csa works. I thought how ever many people bought shares split the weeks crop, less or more according to circumstances. Was I mistaken?

    • I apologize for being unclear. Your box is a tad lighter than I had expected because the late winter storms ruined crops, specifically the succession of roots crops I had hoped we’d be enjoying right now: watermelon radishes, hakurei turnips, carrots, and beets. While deficiencies do occur, I really wanted to make a good first impression with the early shares. Thankfully, the first two weeks have been much better than I had initially forecasted following the storm. But back in early February when all seemed lost, I went ahead and planned to supplement the early weeks by introducing products from partner farms that I wanted to make available this season. The feedback from the CSA last year told us that a majority of the membership wanted to see more “whole-diet” variety in the form of fruits, nuts, dairy, pork, etc. We are offering all of these things in some way this season. And I thought the best way to introduce these products was to put some skin in the game. That way the partner farms involved know that I’m serious and all of the CSA members can try the products first before buying anything sight unseen.

      As for selling “extra” at markets. We grow more than we could possibly share between CSA alone. That way, we can provide for our on-farm restaurant each day, put a little by for canning and freezing, as well as participate in Farmers’ Markets in Tallahassee, FL and Columbus, GA. But make no mistake, CSA comes first and receives the bulk of the veggies we raise. For example, over the last 2 weeks, I have sold zero produce to our on-farm restaurant because I wanted to make sure the CSA was taken care of. I hope this helps you understand how the CSA works. Your utmost satisfaction is very important to us. If you have any more questions, just call us at the office: 229-641-2081.

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