Monthly Dairy/Cheese option for CSA!

All great meals start with quality fresh ingredients. And so naturally it seems to be true for Cheese as well. I’m so proud this week to spotlight our own Jay Barrows along with Alabama’s first Organic Dairy ” Working Cows” in bringing you this week’s featured artisinal cheese in your veggie CSA box this week.  Jay plans to create several new, soft-textured, gourmet cheeses using White Oak herb blends that will be featured each month during the CSA season.

Which brings us to the dairy option available to CSA members starting in April (next week!)

So this is how it would go each month…

Week 1: Jay will be announcing at the beginning of each month the seasonal cheese varieties he’ll be making. CSA members will have until the end of the first week to sign up for that month’s cheese variety. At that same time, CSA members will also be invited to add on orders for products directly from the dairy. (see product list below) **Look for the update next week for April and Please call the office with your order by Friday close of business: 229-641-2081.

Week 2: We place the order Monday and pick-up from Working Cows by the end of the week. (It’s not Borden, they only have 150 cows – so their policy is similar to our Meat a la carte orders where you place your order by noon and we deliver same week) Saturday drop-off locations would receive their Milk orders on week 2.

Week 3: Wednesday and Thursday drop-off locations receive their Milk orders. All drop-off locations receive their fresh cheese orders.

Clear as mud? So… how much would it cost?

Here is a list of the products available at the CSA price (roughly 15% above Working Cows’ on-farm prices).

Jay Barrow’s Artisinal Cheese Creations  –  $8.00 ~ $12.00 (varies by variety)

1 gal. fresh, grass fed, wholesome, organic, local, cream rising milk –  $ 7.00

1/2 gal. white milk (2%, 1%, Fat Free and Whole) – $ 4.00.

1/2 gal. Organic Chocolate Milk $ 5.00      Cream 1/2 gallon is $ 11.50

As our CSA membership grows, so will our buying power and we hope to negotiate a wholesale discount in the future.  Many of you displayed an interest in dairy and we’re happy to offer this opportunity while supporting the good work that our friends at Working Cows are doing too! So, enjoy your free cheese share this week and look out for an invitation in next week’s Blog-post inviting you to order for April. And in the meantime, buzz over to the Working Cows website to learn more about low-temp pasteurization and grass-fed organic milk!


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