CSA Crate and Peril

We strive for zero-waste on our farm so, of course, we employ reusable packaging whenever possible. To meet this goal and stay cost-effective, we rely on all of you to do your part returning all of your crates with your name tags each week. And 95% of you are doing a great job.  Here’s some helpful packaging related news for both veggie, meat and egg subscribers…



1. Always remember to place your name card in the plastic sleeve. And then just keep it there – We need it to know you are returning your box each week.

2. This week, we will begin reusing frozen gel packs in lieu of evaporating dry ice. Please keep these gel packs in the bottom of your box and return them to us. (If you hide them in your freezer, you will forget about them  – please just leave them in your crate)

3. The insulated pads are almost more expensive than the box. The crate, pads, freezer packs and your name tag belong together – please don’t break up a happy home.


1. This one is the simplest – just remember to place your name card in the plastic sleeve. And then just keep it there – We need it to know you are returning your box each week.


We always appreciate you returning your used White Oak Pastures egg cartons.  Please only give them back to us if they are clean though

Finally, don’t be surprised when you see a second “confirmation” email for following the White Oak CSA Blog.  I have a good inclination that not everyone has registered to receive the Blog updates so I am going to take the time to enter each one of our email addresses so I will know for a fact we’re all getting these updates. I love you all, and want to make sure every one gets their $50 crate fee back so you can spend it on one of our Thanksgiving turkeys.  See you tomorrow – we’ve got some good treats in store!

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2 thoughts on “CSA Crate and Peril

  1. georgeanne mcpeters


    We loved the canned turnips. But I have a question, would you like the canning jar & ring returned?


    • Wonderful question! We would love your jars and rings back. We cannot reuse the lids though. But while we’re on the subject of reusing, we do need clean grocery bags so feel free to stuff some into your veggie crate if you have enough saved up to share. Thanks again for the question. We’re canning some more items this week in hopes to sell again soon.

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