2013 CSA: Week 9

Friends, I’m going to make this post short because I’ve got a date to pick up some freshly bottled Organic Milk this evening! Thanks to all who ordered last week. We’ll be delivering your Milk this week and the Queso Blanco will be made fresh this weekend and delivered next week. As most of you are well aware, we are transforming our front office into a farm store. At the store, we are offering a broad range of grocery items produced locally by fellow farmers and Southern-food artisans.  Some of these items are available on a limited supply and some we are making available each week. In the weeks ahead, look for new items like Cafe Campesino Coffee out of Americus, GA and Serenity House Loose leaf teas from St. Simon’s, GA.  And as CSA members, you are encouraged to order with us and let us build value and convenience into your CSA experience each week. And with each item, once we reach a point where we collectively are buying enough to claim a wholesale discount, we will pass that savings onto you.

A quick note on CSA crates: Please please please remember to use your name cards each week. Put the card in the sleeve immediately when you pick-up and then forget about it – don’t touch it, just leave it. Once you return your crate, we’ll take care of the rest. As you know, we keep track of who is returning their boxes each week with those cards. If your name card is missing, let us know by phone or email, otherwise you will be charged for a missing crate. We hate to charge anyone, but the crates are expensive and we need all of them to keep the CSA rolling. And as we described earlier, the $50 refundable crate charge covers only 2 CSA crates. So, please, keep returning  those crates with name tags attached.

On the farm front: New additions to the Vegetable roster are showing up, all hinting toward the sweet promises of Summer. The early tomatoes are starting to show a glimmer of orange past all the greens. Gorgeous flowers are emerging among the squashes, along with their cucumber cousins’ miniature flowers. The okra has germinated in the field and will be thinned soon. And in your boxes this week – Beets are finally here! And Broccoli too! And with London Broil and 2 Chickens (a la Cornish Game Hens) as well for the Meat CSA, it’s looking to be an exceptional week to be a White Oak Pastures CSA Member.

Here are some pictures and then we’ll get down to business….

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Meat CSA: (call us on Monday by noon for any additional a la carte orders: 229-641-2081 – web orders click here)

London Broil (2 lbs) – The leanest muscle that is derived from the beef carcass that lends itself well to all types of preparation. Enjoy for Mother’s Day this weekend!

Cornish hens (x2) – The White Oak Pastures version of Cornish Game Hen. We’ve put two in your box this week so this should make a great dish for date night. I have a recipe for making Collard Pesto below, and here is a recipe that calls for Pesto with Cornish hen as well: Click here!  

Pasture Raised Eggs: 

1 dozen beautiful brown eggs from our own lovely ladies that range freely on certified organic pasture. The eggs are washed, candled and graded fresh for you each week. (We’ll have more egg shares available in May! Please email me or call our office today to get on the waiting list! 229-641-2081)

**Also, please tell your friends and family who live near Atlanta that our eggs are now available in all 8 Atlanta Whole Foods Markets. We rely on word of mouth so much and as CSA members, you know our story best. Thanks again to all of you who help spread the word each week.

Certified Organic Vegetables: 

Corvair Spinach – Feed your inner Popeye! Whether you steam or saute it, juice it or blend it, or just chop and eat it raw; Spinach is the King of all greens. This variety is known for good taste with both large and small leaves.

Broccoli – Some big heads, some medium heads, but thankfully, just enough to go around. Hope you enjoy it!

Tri Color Beets – I’ve missed beets so much! It’s good to have them back. Golden, Chioggia, and Detroit Dark Red beauties are bunched together for you this week. If you’re scared of beets, try them this way: slice them like medallions, no more than 1/4″ thick. Olive oil up a cookie sheet and spread out your sliced beets, covering both sides. Then add liberally sea salt and cracked pepper. Set under the broiler until crispy, then turn with a spatula until crispy on the other side. To die for!

Fava Beans – They’re back! Over 1.5 lbs of favas just for you. See week 6 for more info and ideas – as well as an Allergy Warning.

Mixed Radishes  – A lil spice to add to your salads, or you can cook these into a stir-fry easily too. Yummy goodness.

2x Head Lettuce  – Romaine, Buttercrunch, and Red Fire. There are some great recipes out there for grilled Romaine too, send me pictures if you try anything fun with the lettuce this week.

Champion Collards – What!?! No Kale this week? I know, but I had to pass along this recipe and feature Collards all by themselves. On a picnic this past Sunday, I was re-introduced to this classic southern green in the guise of a pesto. I’ve had pestos made from all manner of greens before but never Collards. It just makes sense! Here is one RECIPE, but google Collard Pesto and fine one that works for you! **Also, use part of this pesto to finish you Cornish Hen with the recipe linked in that description**

Bright Lights Swiss Chard – Lots of vibrant colors to enjoy in your kitchen. Compare these to the edible leaves on your beets – Yes, they are related.

Sweet Vidalia Onions – Ok, they can’t officially be called Vidalias because they were grown here in Early County, but these did start out as certified organic transplants grown on a farm in Vidalia country, so we consider them grandfathered in. We’ll be “curing” the harvest for next week in the field, but we couldn’t resist sharing the early harvest with you this week. You can enjoy them right away, but for greatest sweetness, let them sit for a few days at room temp.

Organic Herb: Mint or Lemon Balm – You’ll recognize the mint if you get it, but if you smell what looks like mint and you catch a whiff of fresh lemons, then you’ve got lemon balm. Lemon Balm is a member of the mint family and known for its medicinal qualities and calming effects. Cut these up and freeze them in ice cubes for a terrific tasting easy twist on ice water or iced-tea. Great for hot teas too. Also this makes a nice natural mosquito repellent if you crush the leaves and rub over your exposed skin.

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5 thoughts on “2013 CSA: Week 9

  1. Karan Pittman

    Are you talking about a Farm Store in Bluffton? I am not a member of the CSA (I am in Cuthbert), but I am interested in buying at the store. Thank you.

  2. LSmith

    Got two small chickens instead of cornish game hens…a bit disappointed 😦

    • LSmith

      Went back and read the email, “The White Oak Pastures version of Cornish Game Hen” , so I guess they were supposed to be just small chickens?

      • I truly didn’t mean to mislead you. These small chickens should allow you to cook any Cornish Game Hen recipe. That’s the point I was trying to make. We offered these this week in order to provide a greater variety. I hope you enjoy them, I know I did mine. If you are indeed unsatisfied – please let me know and I’ll do what I can for you.

  3. LSmith

    No worries, just a misread!

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