2013 CSA: Week 15

ATTENTION Tomato Saucers and Cucumber picklers! If you would like to add any additional pickling cucumbers or Saucing tomatoes to your share this week, or know of someone who would like to order through you, please feel free to contact me by cell phone and order directly. Special CSA prices are $4.00/lb for slicing tomatoes (mixed varieties – many Rutgers, Mortgage Lifter type heirlooms, some Oregon Spring, Earliana, and more.) – $2.50/lb for ripe and ready saucing tomatoes. And $2.50 for Pickling Cucumbers (variety is National) Please call anytime before 7am tomorrow morning for mid-week deliveries and by Friday at 3pm for weekend deliveries. My cell is 478-718-7991

This Friday marks the Summer Solstice. A perfect reason to throw a dinner party with loved ones or friends and celebrate the seasons. The life we lead here on the farm is tethered to the seasons’ rise and fall of temperatures and precipitation like a boat moored to the floating dock. And all the sun and rain this year are setting the stage for a long season of many heat-loving crops. Yesterday, we picked our first okra and eggplant! And in a couple more weeks, you’ll start to hear about all the pepper varieties we’re growing for you. But without question, the star of the show for most of our customers are the tomatoes.  As you’ll see over the next few months, we like them too and try to grow plenty enough to share with enough different varieties to keep them interesting to work with in the kitchen.

Of course, there’s more to this season than merely ‘Maters! Starting this weekend, we’ll be distributing blueberries from Koinonia Farm. Thanks to everyone who ordered with us. If you missed the opportunity, we’ll offer this again soon. And Lea will be sending an email on Friday explaining more opportunities to enjoy seasonal sweetness!

COMING VERY VERY SOON… watch your email boxes!




Another quick note: Different vegetables prefer different storage environments. I’ve included some helpful hints in the CSA manual (linked on the toolbar above). You’re receiving lots of roots crops this week so please review this resource first if you have questions. Simply scroll down toward the bottom of the page and you’ll find it.

Hope to hear from you soon about ordering some of the tomatoes and cukes we have for you to sauce and can. Cheers!

Meat CSA: (call us on Monday by noon for any additional a la carte orders: 229-641-2081 – web orders click here)

Pork Ribchops  – A strong new farm tradition in the making! These hogs are from our friends at Riverview Farms here in Georgia, and ours are growing bigger everyday.  We’re excited and I hope everyone will enjoy these this week! 2 pieces (12 oz each)

Spare Ribs – A long cut from the lower portion of the carcass, spare ribs are great for barbecuing, smoking, or cooking over an open flame. 3 lbs (2 racks)

Pasture Raised Eggs: 2 for 1 special – Final Week

Beautiful brown eggs from our own lovely ladies that range freely on certified organic pasture. The eggs are washed, candled and graded fresh for you each week. (Wanna add eggs to your order this week, Please email me or call our office today to get on the waiting list! 229-641-2081)

Certified Organic Vegetables:

Tomatoes –  It’s officially tomato season! Wowzer!

Herb free-for-all! – Basil OR Marjarom OR Oregano OR Dill. You can go in so many directions with tomatoes and cucmbers, so let the surprise herb you receive this week help you decide on that perfect recipe.

Head Lettuce  – The last of the last until Fall. Enjoy that temporal and fleeting BLT.

Carrots  – Yellowstone, White Satin, and Scarlett Nantes. Wonderful colors, delicious texture and taste.

Beets – Detroit Dark red, Chioggia, Bull’s Blood and Red Ace. These babies will stain clothes and countertops so beware!

Potatoes! – 5 lb portion of a healthy colorful mixture of over 8 varieties of potatoes, including fingerlings and other great roasters. Enjoy the variety! ***Please remove these from the bag they are in and place into a

Sweet Vidalia Onions – Still coming on strong!

Squash – We have patty-pans that look like yellow or green space ships, and we have yellow crookneck and straightneck squash. Finally the ribbed zucchinis are called Costata Romanesco. They are tender even when large and taste amazing.

Cucumbers, Slicing – 2 or 3 good slicing cucumbers, suyu longs, or little round lemon cucumbers.

Cucumbers, Pickling –  Saturday only.  HINT – These will be the lighter green color, frequently with a yellow to orange tint to them.


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2 thoughts on “2013 CSA: Week 15

  1. Eric Biglands

    When will you, or do you already offer the Georgia EVOO that is pictured?

    • Eric, give Lea a call and we’ll set you up with some next week. It’s getting so much easier to go 100% local in Georgia. We’re groud to offer their Olive Oil. Great stuff! 229-641-2081

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