2013 CSA: Week 17

Shake out that raincoat, it’s Fourth of July week! This is also the midpoint of the CSA season. Sometime soon, you’ll receive an email with a survey attached. I hope you’ll take a quick moment to fill it out and return it to us. Also, please remember to write down your box numbers each week. It makes our lives so much better when you do. (Also, don’t leave your CSA boxes near a stove-top – see picture below).

It’s fourth of July so you know we’re gonna give you what you need for Burgers and Wings! And more fresh tomatoes and onions to go with it! New this week is fresh garlic. The Big News this week is Organic Seedless Watermelons! Thanks to all who ordered and in doing so, helped us support the Wholesome Wave project. McClellan Organics is a terrific farm just southeast of us.  They’ve had a good harvest this year and we were able to buy enough Watermelons to give one to each Veggie CSA member.  We called everyone who ordered other melons yesterday and spoke with 99% of you. If you didn’t receive a voicemail from me, it is because you don’t have answering service on your phone, so please call me at my cell to let me know if I can bring you an additional watermelon with your order, or if you’d like a refund and just receive the single melon with your CSA share. (Again, this only applies to a handful of folks, please disregard if not applicable to you.)

Without further delay, here’s some pictures from our very rainy farm this week, followed by a list of farm-fresh scrumptious goodness…


Meat CSA: (call us on Monday by noon for any additional a la carte orders: 229-641-2081 – web orders click here)

Grass-fed Ground Beef – (x2) A 90% lean ground beef that is great on the outdoor grill, stove top, or George Foreman grill.

Roasting Wings – Free-range, pastured, heritage cross chicken wings that have been cut into drums and flats for your convenience. Our chickens are raised with no antibiotics or added hormones. Our chickens are also Step 5 rated by the Global Animal Partnership, which is the highest animal welfare rating.

Pasture Raised Eggs: 

Beautiful brown eggs from our own lovely ladies that range freely on certified organic pasture. The eggs are washed, candled and graded fresh for you each week. (Wanna add eggs to your order this week, Please email me or call our office today to get on the waiting list! 229-641-2081)

Certified Organic Vegetables:

Watermelon – Happy fourth of July week! Seedless personal size watermelons from McClellan Organics!

Garlic – one head of Inchelium Red softneck garlic, an heirloom variety we know you’ll enjoy.

Tomatoes –  Mixed varieties, enjoy!

Kale OR Collards – Heat, humidity and too much rain – but we still make Greens happen somehow!

Purple Top Turnips – A root of southern distinction and culinary tradition. Try this recipe for Mashed turnips (try going half and half with some potatoes and turnips and subbing in your sweet onions for the crispy shallots). CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

Basil! – Sweet smell of summer. Look at the picture above as a reference. Purple ruffles is an obvious one. Top left is Genovese – the quintessential italian large leaf basil. Two others with smaller green leaves are lemon basil (with green flowers) and thai basil (with purple flowers). Each wonderful in their own unique ways. Go ahead and pull out your favorite Pesto recipe now or CLICK HERE FOR AN EASY PESTO RECIPE

Herb  – Fresh Rosemary or Mint this week.

Carrots  – Yellowstone, White Satin, and Scarlett Nantes. Wonderful colors, delicious texture and taste.

Sweet Vidalia Onions – Purples and Yellows – still coming on sweet and strong!

Squash & Zucchini – We have patty-pans that look like yellow or green space ships, and we have yellow crookneck and straightneck squash. Finally the ribbed zucchini are called Costata Romanesco. They are tender even when large and taste amazing.

Cucumbers, Slicing – good slicing cucumbers, suyu longs, or little round lemon cucumbers.

Cucumbers, Pickling –  Grab and go box again this week! Get your pickle ON!

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5 thoughts on “2013 CSA: Week 17

  1. LSmith

    What are the weeks y’all take a break?

    • Usually sometime in August. The hot weather and precipitation decide our fate. As soon as I know, we’ll spread the word.

  2. Tripp, Any tips on preserving turnips. I have turnips coming out of my ears! Can they be frozen??

    • Sorry I just saw this question. Google, despite being a crap-shoot sometimes, is way faster than I am at responding to questions online. Your refrigerator crisper is usually good for storing turnips for several months. Also, you can store them in sawdust in a cool cellar.

  3. LSmith

    Just canned 10 jars of sweet pickles…1st time ever! What a great a great feeling to see these jars complete on my counter. Lots of firsts eating the CSA way…so good! Thanks White Oak Staff for all your tireless efforts!

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