2013 CSA: Week 20

Remember those glorious, recently bygone days when Kale and Collards exploded from your CSA box each week. Fresh salad greens and crisp head lettuce held a permanent place in your crisper and radishes were a mainstay. And then remember when we first started receiving squash and cucumbers and still had all those carrots each week. Well, those days are passed and 3 months of rain is still taking its toll on us.  I truly believe it is important to eat seasonally and we are now sharing the best of what this particularly wet season has to offer us. On the protein side, we have beautiful eggs now and we have amazing Sirloin and Rabbit on the menu this week for the Meat CSA.  But what about the veggies? What did we manage to pull together this week???

Truth be told, I’m very proud of this week’s harvest.  While we’re not winning first prize at the state fair for biggest veggie, we are cranking out alot of variety. Check out how many OR items we have this week. And there’s just enough to go around. The CSA is the first priority and our near empty farmers’ market booth is proof.  As you all know, sometime in August we take at least two weeks off from deliveries due to the day and night heat restricting fruit production in most of our plants. There are the summer soldiers that march on however, and we are ever grateful for their consistent efforts: Peppers, Okra, Eggplant – We salute you!

Finally, you still have all of next week to call us and order your Organic Milk and cheese for August. We are considering going to a twice/month ordering schedule with Dairy if orders can increase a tad. Stay tuned in to the emails too, because we hope to offer Muscadines soon. And right now, we have new items available in our farm store such as Koinonia Peanut Butter! and Almost Rum Cane Syrup!

I hope everyone enjoys this week’s shares…

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Meat CSA: (call us on Monday by noon for any additional a la carte orders: 229-641-2081 – web orders click here)

Rabbit – (3 -4lb) American Chinchilla rabbit raised on pasture  here at White Oak Pastures.

Sirloin Steak – (16 oz) A larger cut that is great for those large families who still like a great steak. This steak is full of flavor and lends itself well to those who like the experience of eating great beef.

Pasture Raised Eggs: 

Beautiful brown eggs from our own lovely ladies that range freely on certified organic pasture. The eggs are washed, candled and graded fresh for you each week. (Wanna add eggs to your order this week?  Please email me or call our office today: 229-641-2081)

Certified Organic Vegetables:

Garlic – one head of Inchelium Red softneck garlic, an heirloom variety we know you’ll enjoy.

Tomatoes OR Okra –  Mixed varieties of tomatoes OR mixed Red and Green Okra.

Winter Squash OR Bush Beans– Waltham Butternut, Delicata, Acorn, or Baby Blue Hubbard.

Baby Celeriac OR Lovage– These are babies indeed. Also called celery root, Celeriac is the unsung frog prince of winter vegetables. We will grow these again through the winter and they’ll grow to 1lbs at each head, but this time of year we grow them for the celery taste in puree’s, sauces, and for your juicer. Enjoy!

Basil! – Caprese salads with Jay’s cheese are a summer favorite of mine. Pesto all around!  CLICK HERE FOR AN EASY PESTO RECIPE

Sweet Vidalia Onions – Purples and Yellows – still coming to you sweet and strong!

Squash OR Cucumbers – Somewhat less productive this week due to weather and disease in the fields. We have more plants coming on soon.

Eggplant OR Peppers – Less Eggplant and more Peppers. We hope the eggplant really take off soon. We’ve planted even more recently so we may be swimming in eggplant by summer’s end.

Jalapenos – Not too hot this week because of all the rain. So think of these early season Jalapenos as a soft landing before all the heat we’ll hopefully have later this year.

Figs – Just enough for those who didn’t receive them last week.


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5 thoughts on “2013 CSA: Week 20

  1. Claudya Muller

    Tripp, As a non-CSA member, may I order cheese? Claudya

  2. If you will, please call the office and we will be happy to help you. Our number is 229-641-2081. Please ask for Lea – Thank you!

  3. If you will, please call the office at 229-641-2081 and ask for Lea. She will assist you.

  4. Thanks for the basil! I used it along with some of my Greek basil to make basil olive oil and basil white wine vinegar. They are steeping in a dark corner for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I did not realize I’d gotten baby celeriac. I guess I’m too used to that huge ugly head in the supermarket. I cut off the bottom and kept the leaves. Ack! Fortunately, just found this online. “You know what’s a cool idea? Dry them in the oven on low heat and blend with sea salt for your own celery(iac) salt. I do this with celery leaves, too.” So I can get a little use out of the top while I cry over the spilt celeriac bottom. 🙂

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