2013 CSA: Week 26

“And what is there to life if a man cannot hear the lonely cry of a whippoorwill or the arguments of the frogs around a pond at night?”
— Chief Seattle, 1854

We look for bioindicators around the farm that confirm the health of the ecosystem. One of those bioindicators are a thriving community of frogs and toads. Of course, amphibious species require healthy aquatic and land environments. And since they have permeable skin, they are particularly sensitive to pollutants and chemicals that are unfortunately rife in our modern landscape. It’s estimated that up to a third of the amphibious species in the world are now threatened with extinction. So its nice to see a surging population here on the farm. They’re everywhere right now and have even been spotted by at least one of you inside your vegetable box. We hope to surprise you each week with the freshness and quality of the food you’re receiving, but we don’t actually plan any surprises with live amphibians. Yet while we wash everything at least once, (your salad mix is washed 3 times! and then spun dry), nature tends to find a way! In any case, we are proud of our healthy frog population and you can see one picture below with a faucet in our fields where I recently found a family hanging out.

On the farm-front, we’re continuing to set out new transplants for the fall, seeding some more cover crops and building some new fencing near our hog pastures. The turkeys are growing and foraging far and wide as well. It’s officially Fall and this is probably my most favorite season on the farm.

Finally, I’d like to welcome two new members to the farm crew: Bryan Aycock and Lucia Reyes! pictured below holding this week’s lemongrass.

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Meat CSA: (call us on Monday by noon for any additional a la carte orders: 229-641-2081 – web orders click here)

Grass-fed Spare Ribs (x2) – A long cut from the lower portion of the carcass, spare ribs are great for barbecuing, smoking, or cooking over an open flame.

5lb Chicken Wings –  Free-range, pastured, heritage cross chicken wings that have been cut into drums and flats for your convenience. Our chickens are raised with no antibiotics or added hormones. Our chickens are also Step 5 rated by the Global Animal Partnership, which is the highest animal welfare rating.


Pasture Raised Eggs: 

Beautiful brown eggs from our own lovely ladies that range freely on certified organic pasture. The eggs are washed, candled and graded fresh for you each week. (Wanna add eggs to your order this week?  Please email me or call our office today: 229-641-2081)

Certified Organic Vegetables:

Braising Mix – Tender young greens including: arugula, mizuna, tat soi, baby kale, and more! 

Sweet Potatoes – 3- 4 lbs of sweet potatoes this week and next. Enjoy!

Garlic – At least one head of Inchelium Red softneck garlic, an heirloom variety we know you’ll enjoy.

Okra – 1.5 to 2 full lbs of purple and green okra. Some big, some small and some just right in size.

Basil! – Caprese salads with Jay’s cheese are a summer favorite of mine. Pesto all around!  CLICK HERE FOR AN EASY PESTO RECIPE

Eggplant OR Rattlesnake Beans – Great looking beans and eggplant this week. Scrumptious!

Peppers – Jupiter and Orion Bell peppers, Cowhorn and Carmens. Fall weather should help us see more colors in the peppers too. What beauties!

Mixed Hot peppers – Mostly jalapenos and Cayenne types.  mixed hot peppers are bagged separately for your convenience.

Lemongrass – This stuff is delicious and amazing! Click here to learn more

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2 thoughts on “2013 CSA: Week 26

  1. karen kinsell

    I’ll pick up both our boxes late Friday, or Saturday.

  2. karen kinsell

    Oops – when I picked up the boxes Sat, forgot to get the eggs.

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