2013 CSA: Week 33

All this season, I have waited to say these words: “Ginger is here!” Since March, we have been growing this ginger, which includes early pre-sprouting in the greenhouse, planting into our hoop-house, adding in copious natural fertilizers and compost and hilling like you would potatoes. The result is a eye-catching Hawaiian ginger with definite flavorful heat that is unlike anything you can buy in your local store. If we left our ginger in the ground longer, it would develop the grayish skin that you see with gingers on retail shelves. Instead, we harvest early for the best taste and a tender skin that you can eat. The coloration is gorgeous too. If you can’t tell already, I’m in love. And this magnificent rhizome has already been ordered anew for the 2014 season. I’d promised you more variety in your boxes this year and this is exactly the kind of thing we’re talking about. We’re planting more exotic ingredients in preparation for the future as well, such as citrus, pineapple guava, goumi, blueberries, various nut trees, and mushrooms and honey too. These are just a few things that we’re excited to be adding in to the mix. And obviously some of these investments take longer to start contributing than others.

In the meantime, we want to hear your feedback.  Here is a link to our 2013 Survey. I hope you’ll take a minute to share your feelings about the experiences of the year. It surely has been an eventful one, but each week it has always been a pleasure serving you. Your honest feedback now will help us improve our service to you in all the seasons ahead.


And don’t forget that we still have turkeys available, but please submit your order this week so we can get your order out with your final delivery next week.


Meat CSA: (call us on Monday by noon for any additional a la carte orders: 229-641-2081 – web orders click here)

Grass-fed Brisket – (5 lbs) Y’all, seriously! This is what it’s all about. A cut of meat from the breast or lower chest of the carcass, brisket is best prepared using a long, slow cooking method to tenderize the flavorful beef. If you’ve ever had Texas barbeque, this is how where it all starts. So many recipes online. But here’s a link to several to get you started…YUMMLY. Please send me pictures back of how you prepared yours.


Pasture Raised Eggs: 

Beautiful brown eggs from our own lovely ladies that range freely on certified organic pasture. The eggs are washed, candled and graded fresh for you each week. (Wanna add eggs to your order this week?  Please email me or call our office today: 229-641-2081)


Certified Organic Vegetables:

GINGER! – see above description.

Georgia Collards or Kale– The Queen of Greens! Enjoy these nutrient-packed leaves lightly sautéed in olive or toasted sesame oil with a dash of sea salt. A simple and fresh take on the old-fashioned boiled collards.

Braising Mix – What it’s all about, my friends!

Mustard Greens – We bunched some of the green curly and bagged the red Giant mustards.

Watermelon Radishes OR Valentine’s mix radishes – Can’t go wrong here. Loving the variety!

Hakurei turnips (loose) or Scarlett Turnips – No, not beets, but Bright Red turnips! Cook like regular turnips. And if you’re turnips are white, they are the tender Hakurei variety. So good!

Assorted Eggplant – Eggplants love Fall! And we love eggplants, y’all!

Sweet Peppers – Jupiter and Orion Bell peppers, Cowhorn and Carmens. What beauties!

Mixed Hot peppers – Mostly jalapenos and Cayenne types.  mixed hot peppers are bagged separately for your convenience.

Basil – Either genovese, purple ruffles, lemon or Thai. Maybe the last of the season. Cross your fingers tonight! Thermometers are gonna dip tonight.

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