Attention CSA Friends and family, Thanks again for an awesome season! Your $50 crate deposit refunds are on the way. If you have any crates lingering in your car, garage, kitchen, etc, please go ahead and bring it back to your specified location. I’ve provided the intended dates for when to expect to see your refunds occur. This is much easier if we have your credit card info on file. If  we do not have that info, we will be contacting you on or near these dates to process your refund.

Thanks again!

Wednesday Dates to credit back $50 refund
WOP 11/27/13
Dothan 11/27/13
Ichauway 12/5/13
Albany Darton 12/5/13
Alb-ODB 12/5/13
Alb-Phoebe 12/5/13
Cordele 12/5/13
Warner Robins 12/6/13
Americus – Koinonia 12/5/13
WOP 11/27/13
Columbus 11/27/13
Eufaula 12/9/13
Havana 12/9/13
Tall-Xfit 12/9/13
Tall-Blackbox 12/9/13
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  1. I have not received my deposit yet. Have they all been applied?

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    • We’re sending emails from now on to confirm once refunds are submitted. You should get yours soon. Thanks for your patience.

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