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Merry Christmas to all!

Ho Ho Ho! Just a quick reminder to everyone that our next delivery will be the week of January 6th. So, that means deliveries are Wednesday the 8th through Saturday the 11th. Much love to everyone during the holidays and the new year!

Also, if anyone wants to come get their hands dirty in January, we’ll be building straw/clay slip walls (a type of cob construction) on to this grain-bin structure pictured below. This building sits adjacent to our young orchard and will be used as an intern cabin for aspiring farmers and ranchers to come stay at the farm and learn about natural farming methods and sustainable living. Two guests who formerly worked with Earthship Biotecture will be leading the construction in January. We’re excited to have them here and learn from them. Please email me ( if you’re interested in participating!


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2014 Winter CSA: share 2

It’s been a busy couple of weeks! I’m sure it has been on your end as well. The holidays seem to test the mettle of the multi-tasker in all of us. And I could astound you with tales of cunning carpentry, mechanical magician-ship, harrowing horticultural woes and more. But alas, I do not have time because the adventure continues outside of these doors and I need to return to it asap! 

So instead! We shall jump right into the thick of it. A little quick business and then the menu portion of your evening.

1. It has been suggested that we start using a swap box at some of our drop-offs. These boxes will be self-governed by the membership but monitored by the point of contact. It’s a brilliant and easy concept: Let’s say you know your family never eats broccoli. You’re now able to pick the broccoli out of your box and “swap” it into the community swap-box in exchange for another item someone else knew they did not want. It works well as long as someone at end of the day (either someone with a strong juicer or a vermi-compost hobby) takes charge of all those orphaned vegetables.

2. Psst, Please remember to bring back your old plastic crates. *Hint – go ahead and put it in your car! (We also want your clean gently-used egg cartons)

3. Big thanks to all who ordered meat with us this week! I know its tough to watch those deadlines, but it makes our lives so much easier if you do. Mondays at noon for mid-week deliveries and Wednesdays at noon for weekend deliveries.

4. Fond farewell to Gilbert Giancaterino. A faithful friend and tireless farmer who left us for colder climates last week. We already miss ya, buddy. Best of luck for all your seasons ahead!


And Finally!  Here’s what to expect in your shareboxes… I Hope you thoroughly enjoy it all.

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Salad Mix – The mix this week has some varieties of lettuce in it. We’ll have more braising next time, but we hope you enjoy the lighter salads over the next weeks.

French Breakfast OR Watermelon Radishes – Both great on a salad. Everyone Wednesday will receive the D’avignons (French Breakfasts). There may not be enough for the weekend so we will substitute Watermelons if need occurs. Just remember the white rind of the watermelon is spicy hot and the pink middle is sweet and mild.

Tokyo Bekana OR Baby Bok Choi – Lovely greens for this time of year (leaf beetles thought the leaves we’re really tender and so tasty!) Look past the pest damage and enjoy a great sautéing green. Last of the early winter crop! 

Pea shoots OR Beet Greens – Beet greens and pea shoots make an amazing garnish or side dish. Lightly toss in a sweet and/or spicy dressing (my favorite is a Thai peanut sauce) and then you can use it on almost anything. Including on top of pita points of crackers with hummus. Yum!

Head Lettuce (x2) – Gotta love lettuce! Red Sails or Green Romaine, Winter Density, Buttercrunch or Ermosa.

Herb – Dill or Flat-leaf Italian parsley.

Broccoli OR Kohlrabi – A bag of broccoli or a bunch of Kohlrabi! these can actually interchange more easily than you might expect. Check out Kohlrabi by searching the recipe ingredient search function here on the website. Scroll up and you’ll see it in the top right hand section.

Chinese Cabbage – My favorite cabbage, tastes similar to a spicy head lettuce. More traditional cabbages on the way!

MORE GREENS!?!  – Tis the season!!! If you’re expecting company, this is just a little something extra to tide everyone over. A sampling of our crop diversity: Southern Giant Mustard Greens, Bright Lights Swiss Chard, or Dinosaur Kale.

GINGER – Only for those that missed it last week. (I didn’t forget!) Use this immediately, it’s ready to go!

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2014 Winter CSA: share 1

Welcome to winter! The temperatures are all over the place so far this year. But for the most part, the greens and the roots that will see us through are all on track and on time. We sure hope you enjoy everything this season. We’ve also planned a few seasonally appropriate surprises for you along the way. Last year, we were still picking peppers and eggplant into December, but we had an early freeze this year that burned most of our summer crops to the ground. You’ll see the last of the peppers this week. For those of you transitioning from the Main CSA season, you’re probably looking forward to a week without peppers. The morning frosts actually help add flavor to other crops. Kales and Collards become markedly sweeter, as well as carrots and some other roots too.

And while Winter’s shorter day-lengths may mean an earlier bedtime and a darker commute for you and I; for our laying hens, the winter is a time of rest and rehabilitation. Laying eggs is a physiologically demanding job and our layers are good at their job. But when the rhythm of the earth cycles to winter daylight hours, we allow our birds to experience that cycle naturally. We do not add unnatural lighting to compel their bodies to lay more often than nature would allow. Plus we take extra care to provide safe, dry environments and nutritious forage and feed for our birds through the cold months. That way, our birds are healthy and ready to go full throttle once Spring arrives.  If you’d like to order additional eggs through the winter, please contact the farm office. But remember, our supply will be limited until spring.

Finally, I hope everyone will take advantage of the 5% discount on all meat items listed in the on-line store. Scroll down and read the last post for a full description of the quick easy painless ordering process. All on-line. Super-duper easy. It’s winter, good time for hearty proteins, stocky soups, roasts, not to mention Holiday Turkeys, Geese, Ducks… Turduckens, anyone!!!

Alright, let’s get down to business. Here’s what you can expect in your veggie boxes this week!


Braising Mix – either a big leafy salad or a knock-out stir fry mix. A versatile mix just for you!

Radishes – Cherry belles, D’avignon, white icicle, and purple ones too.

Tokyo Bekana – a lovely green for this time of year (frost burned the tops a bit but its still so tasty!) Type in the search field on this blog to find a previous post

Tat Soi – My most favorite sautéing green. Gorgeous weighty nutrient dense greens!

Scarlett Turnips OR Watermelon Radishes – Can’t go wrong here. Great for roasting in the oven! Watermelon radishes are a terrific raw treat too, the white “rind” is spicy hot and the middle pink is so mild and yummy.

Peppers – The last! Enjoy!

broccoli OR Green Tomatoes OR Pea Shoots – A fun surprise addition this week. Get creative with these!

Chinese Cabbage – My favorite cabbage, tastes similar to a spicy head lettuce. More traditional cabbages on the way!

GINGER – Yes, the love affair continues. Enjoy!

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Winter CSA Update

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’re gearing up for a week of greens! We know you’ll enjoy it, but we’re writing today to remind you that with your CSA membership you also receive 5% off any meat item in the Online Store. (Including Christmas Turkeys – hint, hint!)

Starting next year, we will have CSA pricing for our members after you login to the website. Obviously, we don’t quite have that set up yet. So, currently, the 5% discount is credited back to you after your purchase is made on-line. We should have your credit card on file, and if not, we’ll call and get it from you. All you have to do is remember to note on the comments section (during checkout) which CSA drop-off location you are and we’ll take it from there. (example: Select “local pick-up” and write “I’m in the CSA – my pick-up is Albany, Darton College)

Deadlines for adding meat orders to your delivery are:

MONDAYS @ 12:00noon  AND  WEDNESDAYS @ 12:00noon

We’ll post again tomorrow and let you know what groceries to expect this week!


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