2014 Winter CSA: share 1

Welcome to winter! The temperatures are all over the place so far this year. But for the most part, the greens and the roots that will see us through are all on track and on time. We sure hope you enjoy everything this season. We’ve also planned a few seasonally appropriate surprises for you along the way. Last year, we were still picking peppers and eggplant into December, but we had an early freeze this year that burned most of our summer crops to the ground. You’ll see the last of the peppers this week. For those of you transitioning from the Main CSA season, you’re probably looking forward to a week without peppers. The morning frosts actually help add flavor to other crops. Kales and Collards become markedly sweeter, as well as carrots and some other roots too.

And while Winter’s shorter day-lengths may mean an earlier bedtime and a darker commute for you and I; for our laying hens, the winter is a time of rest and rehabilitation. Laying eggs is a physiologically demanding job and our layers are good at their job. But when the rhythm of the earth cycles to winter daylight hours, we allow our birds to experience that cycle naturally. We do not add unnatural lighting to compel their bodies to lay more often than nature would allow. Plus we take extra care to provide safe, dry environments and nutritious forage and feed for our birds through the cold months. That way, our birds are healthy and ready to go full throttle once Spring arrives.  If you’d like to order additional eggs through the winter, please contact the farm office. But remember, our supply will be limited until spring.

Finally, I hope everyone will take advantage of the 5% discount on all meat items listed in the on-line store. Scroll down and read the last post for a full description of the quick easy painless ordering process. All on-line. Super-duper easy. It’s winter, good time for hearty proteins, stocky soups, roasts, not to mention Holiday Turkeys, Geese, Ducks… Turduckens, anyone!!!

Alright, let’s get down to business. Here’s what you can expect in your veggie boxes this week!


Braising Mix – either a big leafy salad or a knock-out stir fry mix. A versatile mix just for you!

Radishes – Cherry belles, D’avignon, white icicle, and purple ones too.

Tokyo Bekana – a lovely green for this time of year (frost burned the tops a bit but its still so tasty!) Type in the search field on this blog to find a previous post

Tat Soi – My most favorite sautéing green. Gorgeous weighty nutrient dense greens!

Scarlett Turnips OR Watermelon Radishes – Can’t go wrong here. Great for roasting in the oven! Watermelon radishes are a terrific raw treat too, the white “rind” is spicy hot and the middle pink is so mild and yummy.

Peppers – The last! Enjoy!

broccoli OR Green Tomatoes OR Pea Shoots – A fun surprise addition this week. Get creative with these!

Chinese Cabbage – My favorite cabbage, tastes similar to a spicy head lettuce. More traditional cabbages on the way!

GINGER – Yes, the love affair continues. Enjoy!

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