2014 Winter CSA: Share 5

Watch out, we got pecans this week! They’re pre-cracked, not shelled or cleaned. So we’ve done most of the work, and you just have to finish ’em off. Some shell is good for you though, puts a little grit in your craw!

But before I start in talking about all the great veggies this week, I must immediately thank all of our new members for 2014! We’re so happy you’ve decided to join the party. And thanks to your early financial commitment, we’ve been able to pull the trigger on some much needed purchases. A new double layer of plastic on the greenhouse where Farmer Lori starts all of our transplants, and a second hi-tunnel where we’re growing frost sensitive crops for early Spring harvest. And as long as memberships keep rolling in, we’ll start installing electric and irrigation to the new fields where potatoes are planned for planting on Valentine’s Day!

Many of you have asked about the grain bin cabin. It’s coming along really nicely and I’ve provided some more photos below. The walls are completed but the weather halted our plastering efforts. We will start up again next week so if anyone wants to learn how to mix and apply cob or clay/sand plaster please email me to sign up for a volunteer day next week. All volunteers get a lunch on me and I’ll try to send you home with some goodies from the farm too. Just wear your favorite play clothes and shoes that you won’t mind turning some shade of clay.

Alright, back to the food! We’ve got some greenery despite all of the freezing weather we’ve witnessed. The carrots are sweeter than ever and growth in the salad greens and head lettuce surprised everyone. The baby chicks we started back in the fall are beginning to lay their first eggs so don’t be surprised if we start doubling down on mediums in the future. (That means 2 medium dozens for the price of 1 large) As always, please just remember to return all of your clean cartons for us to reuse.

Finally, a quick note on the meat orders. Please don’t take  the red crate. There are usually multiple orders inside of the red crates. Leave it at your pick-up location. Please only take your plastic bag or bags  with your name tag on it. Please pass along this info if someone else is picking up for you too.

Thanks everyone! You are the best CSA family in the entire world and I love you all!

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Spinach – This is what winter tastes like. Lovin it!

Pecans – Picked here on the farm and Cracked locally. We’re not set up to clean and shell them. And we’re not a commercial pecan farm so there may be some bad ones that snuck past us. These are my favorite tree nut in the world, and you can imagine how much time went into giving everybody a pound of cracked nuts. I really hope you enjoy them!

Lettuce mix – A mix of red and green varieties. Just enough for a few good salads, try yours with pecans!

Head Lettuce – These surprised everyone! Beautiful and delicious!

Bunching Onions – Perfect little culinary addition for any dish

Herb – Rosemary, Dill, Parsley or Sage

Cabbage OR Chinese Cabbage – Still holding strong despite the freeze. Although some frost damage may be present.

Carrots  – Scarlet Nantes and Yellowstones. gorgeous tasty carrots. We have running water this week, so they’ll be

Hakurei Turnips – Tender mild and lovely


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4 thoughts on “2014 Winter CSA: Share 5

  1. Loretta Scott

    Where are your prices?

  2. Claudya Muller

    Tripp, I could not open the attached photos. Could you send them just as an email attachment? Thank you, Claudya


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