2014 Winter CSA: Share 6

Greetings again, friends and neighbors! I know that your refrigerators are now sorely in need of a healthy infusion of verdant vitality! Well, you’re in luck this week, because the greens they are a coming! There are more carrots and pecans on the way too, but your family doctor will high-five you for all the meals you can plan off of this weeks grocery list. The sun has been kind in drying out the soil just long enough too to actually get some seeds and plants into the ground so Spring is looking promising. It’s easy to get spring fever right now and then one last late freeze will reach out and remind you who’s boss. But the rumor mill is suggesting that we’re in the clear down here on our latitude. As always, we play it safe by planting multiple successions of each crop.

So with better weather on the horizon, we’re gearing back up with more tree plantings, kick-starting the Biodiesel brewing, an explosion of new egg layers producing, and a real-estate crunch in the greenhouse as it overflows with baby plants awaiting hardening off and transplanting. Everyone’s working so hard each day and with each minute more of sunlight we gain; we grow that much more grateful for the promise of spring and the joy we share in growing this delicious food we share every week. Thank you all so much for enjoying this journey with us. And I hope that you’re telling your friends about the upcoming full season. We still have openings in each of our drop-off locations.

Finally, big thanks to everyone who’s taking advantage of the discounted on-line meat orders this winter. We’ve had alot of positive responses and this week marks a record number of orders. Keep it up! It sure makes the drive work out better financially when we have a full truck!

Here’s a look around the farm this past week and then on to the menu…



Spinach – This is what winter tastes like. Lovin it!

Pecans – Picked here on the farm and Cracked locally. I really hope you enjoy them!

Lettuce mix – A mix of red and green varieties. Just enough for a few good salads, try yours with pecans!

Head Lettuce – Looking extra good this week! Welcome to Lettuce season!!!

Brassica Bouquet – The tokyo bekana, komatsuna, and Hon Tsai Tai are starting to flower but they can all still be stir-fried and enjoyed. Even the flowers are edible. We hope you will love them as much as we’ve been over the past week.

Herb – Dill, Baby fennel bulbs, or Cilantro

Chinese Cabbage – The last of the winter Chinese Cabbage. Great stuff!

Carrots  – Scarlet Nantes and Yellowstones. gorgeous tasty carrots.

Collards OR Swiss Chard  – More greenery! Just in case you had an extra square inch of space in your crisper.


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