2014 Winter CSA: Share 7

Hello Everyone!

Tripp is out of town this week, so I am taking this opportunity to fill in for him and introduce myself. My name is Ryan Carnley and I am the new assistant farm manager here at White Oak Pastures. I have been here about three months now and I am absolutely loving it here! I came from a farm a little south of Atlanta called Serenbe Farms. Serenbe is a picturesque community nestled into the Chattahoochee Hills area, and centered around green building tecniques and sustainability in all things. I did an apprenticeship there under two very well respected farmers, Paige Witherington and Justin Dansby, which prepared me for my future in organic farming. I am very excited to join the team here at White Oak and I hope to bring my energy and enthusiasm in to grow some amazing vegetables for you guys! I will be doing CSA drops and markets in Albany in Columbus pretty regularly so please come by and introduce yourselves; I want to get to know all of you!

The days are slowly warming up and getting longer here on the farm. Its exciting to feel Spring creeping closer. We have been able to get a lot of seeds and plants into the ground lately. The farm is going to be completely transformed by the new growth over the next month! We got our potatoes in the ground this weekend, seeded lots of carrots and beets, and planted the last of our spring onions. Make sure you all sign up for our full season CSA, and spread the word to your friends and family so you can all take advantage of all of the beautiful and healthy produce thats coming!

In addition to all the new plants we are excited about two new team members joining us. Our two full season apprentices, Mary and Andy, started this week. We are very excited to have them aboard and look forward to a great season and lots of learning from each other. Make sure you keep an eye out for them at markets as well! Here are some pictures from around the farm this week, and the share list. I hope you all enjoy it!

Thats me! Washing the carrots for your shares.

Thats me! Washing the carrots for your shares.

Field and Cabin

Our bottle brick wall on the intern cabin

Our bottle brick wall on the intern cabin

Our intern Andy prepping some beds

Our intern Andy prepping some beds

Happy worms for happy soil

Happy worms for happy soil

Me inspecting the beets for your share this week

Me inspecting the beets for your share this week


Spinach – This is what winter tastes like. Lovin it!

Swiss Chard – Beautiful and delicious!

Baby Beets – First of the season! Remember the greens are edible too. They go great mixed in with scrambled eggs!

Lettuce mix – A mix of red and green varieties. Just enough for a few good salads.

Head Lettuce – Looking extra good this week! Welcome to Lettuce season!!!

Herb – Dill, Parsley, or Cilantro

Chinese Cabbage – The last of the winter Chinese Cabbage. Great stuff!

Carrots  – Scarlet Nantes and Yellowstones. Gorgeous tasty carrots.

Collards OR Edible Bouquet More greenery! Just in case you had an extra square inch of space in your crisper.

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