Crate fee Update and More news

I hope everyone had a delightful St. Patrick’s day! Between the celebratory lunch at the Pavilion yesterday and all the clover around the pasture and fields right now, we all felt quite Irish yesterday.

On to new business – I wanted to take a quick moment to review some updates and changes we’re implementing before the Spring Season kicks off!

NO MORE CRATE FEE! – We’re happy to announce that we will no longer charge the refundable crate fee. The crates are rather expensive and we continue to lose an unnacceptable number of them throughout the long season. So since we already pack the veggies into the box liners, we are inviting you to remove the liner bags and either transfer them directly into your own cooler OR take them straight home to your fridge. Then just neatly stack your crate into the nested stack nearby and you’re all set. We will still have a sign-in list to track who has and has not picked up, but this will ultimately relieve the headache of tracking box numbers and processing year-end refunds. Sorry if the change is an inconvenience, but I truly believe it’s a necessary and positive step forward.

Crate Reimbursements – Full Season CSA members are having their crate fees reimbursed this week, either by cc on file or by check by post. Winter CSA members will receive reimbursements once crates are retrieved next week from your locations. (If you haven’t seen your reimbursement come in by Friday 4/4, please shoot me an email (

1/2 Shares! – This has proven to be a really popular option for many of you. If you have signed on as a half-share member, then sometime soon, you will be receiving an email designating you as an “A week” or a “B week.” As an added reminder, I will post the Blog with the A or the B week in the title. Just don’t get mad at me when we get strawberries, figs, or citrus and it doesn’t happen to fall on your week! That’s how the CSA paleo-cookie crumbles, my friends. But seriously, if you are excited about something that you think you’ll miss one week, please email me and we’ll do our best to get you an extra share or an a la carte bag of tasty goodness to help tide you over the off week. (

Meat Discount! – Thank you for your feedback last fall which led us to this discounted Meat CSA program. Now it’s up to you to make use of it. You don’t have to use it every week, in fact, I would recommend looking at our website for package ideas, such as the Family Feast which contains…

  • (4) 14 ounce ribeyes
  • (4) 12 ounce strips
  • (4) 6 ounce filets
  • (1) chuck roast
  • (1) medium chicken
  • (2) 1 pound pack of ground lamb
  • (2) 1 pound pack of ground beef

There’s also convenient 1/8 cow packages and Poultry samplers that are great ways to stock your freezer with a diverse selection of proteins – all raised on pasture and hand-butchered here on the farm. We’re developing a new website login for CSA members to receive custom pricing as well as access to limited supply inventory items such as handmade sausages and canned goods from the garden. It’s a busy time of year, and we’re so excited about sharing the delicious fruits of this hard work with you. If you’re half as excited as we are, I hope you’ll tell a friend or two about us. And if you have any questions about the updates today, feel free to write me ( or comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Crate fee Update and More news

  1. Katie Handwerk

    When is the next time that you will have a farmer’s market table at Phoebe?

  2. GA_in_GA

    Is there a delivery of the Winter CSA today? (March 19)

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