2014 CSA: Week 1

Wendell Berry teaches us that “eating is an agricultural act.” As a member of this CSA family, you are acknowledging this profoundly important role that you play.  I love to wax poetic on how meaningful the CSA lifestyle is on so many levels, but the fact is it’s just plain fun to eat this way. Riding out the seasons and enjoying the gifts that mother nature brings to us. We’re so happy to have you along with us on this adventurous ride. And we’ve planned plenty of surprises along the way like strawberries, blueberries, and pecans as well as fresh ginger, specialty herbs, citrus and melons too. Of course, be prepared to receive your fill of greens during the spring, as well as lots of okra, peppers and eggplant in the summer and fall.

Some important changes have been highlighted in the previous posting (see Crate Fee Update below) Make sure you’re familiar with these. Most importantly:

  • Don’t take your crates home this year.  Bag it all or bring your own coolers. Crate fee refunds are in progress for this season and winter.
  • For all you 1/2 share folks – know if you’re an A week or B week.
  • All veggie members – Make use of your 10% meat discount.
  • The updated information for your pick-up locations have been posted to the “CSA Manual” link above.

Finally – This season we are introducing the SHARE BIN: Each location will receive a grey plastic bin that is stenciled with the White Oak Pastures “H” logo. This box should stay at the location all season and be used for leaving behind items you disfavor. Of course, this means you are freely allowed to take any items that are in the box.  From time to time, we’ll also leave items the farm wants to share or has plenty of to sharer. To kick things off and help introduce the idea, we’re giving Collard greens away in the SHARE BIN this week.  Feel free to take an extra bunch or three to par-boil and freeze or just feed a horde of hungry friends.

Here’s a look at today’s harvest and then we’ll explain the contents of your veggie boxes. We hope you’re looking forward to this season as much as we are. It’s going to be a delicious year!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pasture Raised Eggs: 

Spring means eggs and boy do we got em. 12 beautiful brown eggs from our own lovely ladies that range freely on certified organic pasture. The eggs are washed, candled and graded fresh for you each week.

(Want another dozen – or are you not on the Egg CSA, Call to order and we’ll bring them to you : 229-641-2081)


Certified Organic Vegetables: 

Salad mix – A mix of red and green varieties. Just enough for a few good salads!

Head Lettuce – (x2) Buttercrunch, Red and Green Romaine and Red Sails

Baby Hakurei turnips – Amazing raw! These spring beauties can’t be beat as a side

Carrots – Scarlet Nantes and Yellowstone. Super sweet after the winter’s cold.

Herb – Parsley or Cilantro

Red & White Russian Kale – The most popular health food item right now. It’s reaching cupcake status as far as food fads go. We’ll have plenty of it to share this year.

Swiss Chard – The bright neon that lights up Spring. Yummy!

Fennel – One bulb to add flavor and flar to a salad or stir fry, omelette or saute. Mmmmm.

Beets  – Bull’s blood and Touchstone Gold. Slice these like medallions, coat in olive oil, sea salt and pepper to taste, then broil until crispy on both sides. It’ll be your new favorite!

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6 thoughts on “2014 CSA: Week 1

  1. Nichole

    This is our first time with you guys, and we are super excited! I do have a quick question about the date and time of delivery. We chose the Dothan, AL Denny vision drop off.

    Thank you so much!

    • We try to be at Dothan by 3:00pm CST. The pick-up is at the rear “construction entrance” Call me if you need help today: 478-718-7991.

  2. Gwen Lancaster

    Hello, White Oak people:

    We live an hour north of Atlanta and have had your frozen meats. Daughter gave them to us for Christmas, and the chicken has been very good. The grassfed ribeye beef seems a bit chewier than we are used to from Publix, but not bad. I am so glad that you are there and making a good “go” of it. I have a friend who went through your tour and was really impressed.

    My question is about mailing vegetables…Do you do a mixed box and mail it to those of us who are far away, or is your veggie news just for people who come by and pick up?? If you do a mailable box, I’d love to have bell peppers, carrots, all kinds of greens, cabbages, and whatever else is available….green beans, lady peas, okra, lima beans, squash, etc?? Just let me know.


    Gwen Lancaster

    PO Box 849 Waleska, GA 30183 mooseloop@comcast.net

  3. Dana Kirkland

    This is our very first box. I am thrilled! Very excited!

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