2014 CSA Week 6 (B)

Greetings from Michigan, this is Mary your newest organic farm intern! I would like to take a moment to introduce myself and let you in on some of the projects we are working on here at White Oak Pastures. As noted above I am a snow bird from the Detroit area. I graduated in 2011 with a degree in Chemistry and started working in the corporate world shortly after. Spending two years cooped up in an office was enough to steer me towards a more rewarding career path and the local food movement had me curious for more. I began touring different farmer’s markets in my area to get a sense of what it was all about and fell in love. Last summer/fall I started researching organic farms and internship opportunities, the rest was fate. My current role on the farm includes planting, harvesting, weeding, the Columbus market, weekend waitressing at the Pavillion (our farm’s on site restaurant) and bio diesel production.

White Oak Pastures is unique because the Harris family strives to have a zero waste operation. As many of you know the farm started as a cattle operation in 1866 and since has branched into a full scale livestock and vegetable production facility. Our hope is to use beef fat, also known as tallow, as a feedstock for the production of bio diesel. We would like to start using the fuel in our diesel machinery including tractors, vehicles and tools. I am very excited to be working for a family that is completely focused on the health of their community and land.

Have you been looking for a good excuse to visit the farm? If you have, I have the perfect opportunity for you to consider, our first annual: Organic Compost Workshop. It will be held on May 24th, taught by our own botanist/entomologist Lori Moshman. The Afternoon workshop will go over several methods of home composting including hot and cold piles, vermicomposting, and black soldier fly composting. The experience includes a farm tour and lunch at the Pavillion.

Certified Organic Vegetables:

Salad Mix – A great salad mix with our famous winter spinach OR our first

Head Lettuce – Buttercrunch, Red and Green Romaine and Red Sails.

CarrotsAdd some color to your salad with these sweet and peppery carrots.

OnionsPlease take a look at these interesting ideas for your first onion of the season.

Hakurei Turnips – Amazing raw! These spring beauties can’t be beat as a side dish.

HerbLemon Balm, check out this cocktail cooler.

Red & White Russian Kale – The most popular health food item right now.

Radishes – A little spice and a lot of color for your salads, omelettes, and more.

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3 thoughts on “2014 CSA Week 6 (B)

  1. Sarah

    Do we need to register for this Organic Compost Workshop? Where can I get more information? Thanks!

  2. kristie b

    We cubed the turnips (what was left after my 7 yr old snacked on them raw! So yum!), cubed some of the carrots, and sliced some of the onion. Tossed it with olive oil, sage, rosemary, and sunflower seeds. Roasted lighty in the oven. Best side dish we have had in a while. Thank you for all you guys do!!!

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