B is now “Even”, A is “Odd”…

So, this is our first year offering half shares. And so far, so good. As you know, especially if you are one, half share members simply pick up a full box of veggies every other week. We introduced the idea of “A week” and “B week” to try to help everyone remember which week to come pick up.
It’s been working, but some of you find the terminology confusing. A simpler way of keeping track of the weeks is to read the Blog and notice whether or not the week # is an even or odd #. We started with week 1 as an A week, and then week 2 was a B week. Not that we’re well into the season and everyone has the hang of things, we’ve decided to phase out the “A and B week” terminology and simply label the cities as follows:  (Please note, this is only a change in nomenclature and will not affect your set delivery schedule.)
Odd Weeks (formerly A week, now simply Week 1,3,5,7………)
Evens (formerly B week, now simply Week 2,4,6,8……..)
Warner Robins
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