2104 CSA Week 13

Greetings from the most beautiful pasture I have ever seen, the clouds are full, the sun is brilliant and the critters are always competing to see which species has the best natural orchestral song. Our pastures are full of vegetation, insects, and flying creatures of all manner. We cannot wait to share our garden with all of you that are visiting us this weekend! For all of our members that are traveling to Bluffton on Sunday, please wear shoes that are comfortable to walk in, we would like to give you a full tour of our garden and nearby pastures. If you have any questions please contact our office and we would be happy to address any comments you may have.

Important Notice:

Attention all CSA members, we are trying something new with tomatoes. We will be keeping the tomatoes separate from the box share, we have noticed that the tomatoes need extra care in order to make it to their final destination. We ask that you take one tomato filled paper bag from the crate, and your usual share box. We also ask that you would consider your fellow share members when collecting your tomatoes, please do not exchange tomatoes from one bag to another. Our team spends a great deal of time and care when packaging your tomatoes, and each bag is packed with love. All tomatoes that are sent have been handpicked and reviewed at least twice before they arrive to you. Once again we ask that you take only one bag, and do not trade tomatoes among bags. Thank you for working with us as we work to bring you the best our fields have to offer!

Our farm is in transition between spring and summer crops, the heat has settled in and our cool weather crops have given their last fruits of the season. We are sad to see them go, but excited for the next round of produce that is budding in the fields. One of the greatest assets of a CSA is the opportunity to eat seasonally, every box is packed with veggies that are at their peak. Eating seasonally allows us to more easily eat locally, I understand that not all things are locally available. However, with each CSA share you participate in, you directly encourage the local food movement.

This share is brimming with Cukes, Zukes, and Squashes. You may look in your fridges and be overwhelmed with all of the produce. However, we have a few options for you and your family to consider:

Freezing: One of our workers and a fellow CSA member has suggested freezing bulk items so that you can eat great produce year round. She keeps her veggies in a deep freezer and always has options and minimal food waste. If you are considering freezing your produce for later, check out these steps.

Baked Goods: Zucchini is the perfect addition to baked good recipes, it adds and retains moisture. Carrots add color and sweetness. Baked goods consume a large volume of the produce and can be frozen to enjoy at a later date. Zucchini can be highlighted in cookies, cakes, muffins, and even corn bread.

Pickling: A perfect option for anyone wanting to try experiment with seasoning. At home pickling and canning is all the rage. I have included a great starter recipe for those who would like to start pickling. Please send us recipes if you come across any winners.

Lastly, please take some time to enjoy photos from the week! There are some great moments captured via photo. Until next week, veg on!

Pasture Raised Eggs:

12 beautiful brown eggs from our own lovely ladies that range freely on certified organic pasture. The eggs are washed, candled and graded fresh for you each week.(Want to add a dozen or more, Egg-cellent idea!, Call to order and we’ll bring them to you : 229-641-2081)

Certified Organic Vegetables:

Tomatoes– All shares will include juicy slicing tomatoes! Eat them raw, grilled, roasted, in salsa, pasta dishes, or try your hand at sun drying them for perfect pizza toppings.

Bueberries OR Blackberries – These mouthwatering little flavor bursts are perfect as snacks or dressing up summer desserts, they also make delicious compote for homemade french toast. Whatever you do with them don’t forget to take the extra five minutes to make their perfect pairing, the ethereal cloud that is perfect fresh whipped cream. This weeks blueberries are from Koinonia, a local farm that produces lovely berries. 

Garlic– Delicious in so many recipes, fresh and spicy! Salsa is always so refreshing and extra special when it has just the right amount of a spicy kick.

Cabbage– Can we say stir-friday!?!

Squash & Zucchini – Grill, hollow them out and stuff, roast or fried; you will be surprised by the versatility and flavor of these summer favorites.

Cucumbers – All of our cucumbers can be eaten raw, however if you would like to try your hand at pickling we have included some little guys for you to experiment with. Send us your mad scientist recipes!

Onions – Grilled, stir-fry or fresh on top of a juicy White Oak burger, these are so tasty!

Green BeansMy favorite share item is back! These snappy, crisp little creatures are perfect eaten raw. However, if you are spending a lot of time grilling meals this may be the recipe for you, sweet and simple grilled green beans with a some garlic and olive oil. Carrots – Sweet and ready to munch on. If anyone out there has a sweet tooth try integrating grated carrots into your next baking experiment. I enjoy them partnered with zucchini as muffins and veggie burgers.

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