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2014 CSA Week 20

*** This week is an even week, therefore half shares will be delivered to the following cities: Americus, Blakely, Cordele, Dothan, Harris, Tallahassee, Warner Robbins, and WOP.

Good Afternoon & warm greetings from your personal farm crew! I wanted to take a moment to thank all of our current members for their continued partnership, and would like to welcome all of the new members that are still joining our community! Throughout the season our team has had the pleasure of meeting most of you, whether on the farm, at market, at a drop off location, or other locales. As the season continues, we hope to have the opportunity to meet with all of our members!

Attention all CSA Members:

Our summer CSA break will begin next week, Monday Aug 11th, and deliveries will pick back up the week of September 1st.  We will still be venturing up to the Columbus market on Saturday mornings, and look forward to seeing you at our tent! We will still have eggs, meat and vegetables for purchase at the tent.

On the farm we are transitioning from harvest schedule to work project and field maintenance. As the CSA is gearing down to take a three week break (Aug 11th– Sept 1st), our team is powering up to start some new projects and prepare the fields for our fall and winter crops!

It is true fall crops are coming! Kale will be in the ground this week, to start its maturation journey. Speaking of baby plants, many of our members have questions and thoughts concerning seed starting. We have designed a class specifically for you! Our on staff botanist, Lori Moshman, is leading a hands on workshop for seed starting so you can prepare your winter gardens. A thought on winter gardens, they hold all of the delicious crops that are perfect for pickling and fermenting. Can we say Kimchi? Or perhaps Kraut? Lori will be demonstrating proper seed starting techniques along with mini seed starters to take home with you! More details coming soon…

If you are like most, your summer garden is crawling with critters. Some beneficial, and others truly noxious. Have your poor plants suffered under the weight of the pest pressure? If this sounds like your current predicament, or would like to prepare yourself for the fall succession of pests. Come join us for an organic pest management course. This Saturday, Lori, our lovely bug goddess will help you distinguish between the enemies and allies in your crops. While also providing organic solutions to your many pest problems. We encourage you to bring photos of leaf, fruit & plant damage, or bring the actual damaged plants to the workshop. Lori will be educating on techniques and methods of pest management that are safe to use in your home gardens, and easy to incorporate into your schedule. As mentioned, the class is this Saturday August 9th, please call for reservations!

Pasture Raised Eggs:

Easter may have passed but our fields are still full of fresh eggs!

Did you know that chicken is not the only delectable farm fresh egg we offer? We also have rich and decadent duck eggs, and tiny delicate guinea eggs. If you ever wanted to change up a favorite baked good or breakfast recipe duck eggs are a delicious option. Guinea eggs are a wonderful pairing with grilled asparagus or other savory egg uses.

12 beautiful brown eggs from our own lovely ladies that range freely on certified organic pasture. The eggs are washed, candled and graded fresh for you each week.(Want to add a dozen or more, Egg-cellent idea!, Call to order and we’ll bring them to you: 229-641-2081)

Certified Organic Vegetables:

Sweet Potato Greens – A versatile green, tender and mild like spinach. Can be substituted into any recipe that calls for spinach.

Eggplants – So many ideas to try: vegetarian cutlets, eggplant Parmesan, baba ghanoush, or moussaka.

Sweet Roasting OR Bell Peppers – I encourage you to try eating these peppers raw, however they are delightful roasted, grilled, stuffed, pepper jelly, pickled and stir-fried.

Jalapenos OR Hot Roasting Peppers (Joe E. Parker or Hungarian Hot Wax)– Spice up your life, with fresh salsa, marinades, sauces, and pickles. You can roast them on the grill or in the oven. The complexity of flavors that is produce while roasting is unlike any fresh pepper you have ever tried.

Green Beans OR Cherry Tomatoes Grill, hollow them out and stuff, roast or fried; you will be surprised by the versatility and flavor of these summer favorites.

Cucumbers – All of our cucumbers can be eaten raw, however if you would like to try your hand at pickling we have included some little guys for you to experiment with.

Okra – The Okra can be enjoyed raw, steamed, fried, baked, or stewed.

Basil – This herb is lovely in sauces, breads and on pizzas.

Melons – Perfect with yogurt, meat dishes or in fresh salads. This melon can be incorporated in sorbets, Popsicle, mixed drinks, salad dressings, or savory salads.

Garlic – Delicious in so many recipes, fresh and spicy! Salsa is always so refreshing and extra special when it has just the right amount of a spicy kick.

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