2014 CSA Week 24

*** This week is an even week, therefore half shares will be delivered to the following cities: Americus, Blakely, Cordele, Dothan, Harris, Tallahassee, Warner Robbins, and WOP.

Today we were greeted with a cool crisp morning, very reminiscent of fall. Only to realize that today is the first day of fall! The arrival of autumn, foretells of cool weather vegetables. This season is often thought of as the beginning of the end. A season of hibernation and death. However, I have always cherished the saturated colors that fall brings forth. The burnt orange pumpkins, bright crimson apples, golden hay bales, and the beautiful leaves on the trees. Cool weather ushers in sweaters, hearty stews, creamy soups, bonfires, and hiking. The crisp air is almost like the earth is exhaling a sigh of relief. The hot days have passed, and her ground has time to rest and recover. Autumn

Our farm is throwing a Harvest Festival dinner on October the 25th. We will be eating the season’s best, along with live music and a Bluffton Bonfire with s’mores. If you are looking for a good excuse to visit this is it! We now have lodging and are encouraging attenders of this event to camp out with us!

New Share Items:

Malukia – A dark green that has a lemony sweetness perfect for replacing spinach. It can be eaten raw, sauteed, or wilted. I think a stir-fry with some other share items (Chinese cabbage, garlic, peppers, etc.) would be a great way to incorporate the green into your routine.

Tokyo Bekana – This is a member of the cabbage family, closely related to bok choy. It can be substituted for any recipe that calls for a cabbage. Its beautiful pale dainty leaves, add a brightness to the share box.

Organic Share Items:

Sweet Potatoes – Souffle, pie, fries, hash, mashed, chips, casseroles, scalloped, soup and cheese cake. They are a holiday favorite, and have gained popularity in the everyday. **Please take these sweet babies out of their plastic bag, and place on the counter or windowsill. 

Chinese Cabbage – Perfect for pot stickers, egg rolls, and wrap sandwiches. This beautiful green adds a perfect crunch to any salad, and can be used for dishes where high heat is involved (stir fry, egg roll, pot sticker, and cabbage rolls).

Tokyo Bekana– This Asian green can be used in any recipe that calls for bok choy

Pesto – A bag full of opportunity! Delicious on pizzas, pastas and sandwiches. It can also be mixed with dressing or tossed with cooked veggies to add a new dimension.

Malukia – This green is well paired with summer salads. It is bright and refreshing a great addition to any dish requiring a pop of freshness!

Kale– Sauteed with onions and garlic or torn as a salad mix, get some greens in your daily meal adventures. These hearty greens make fabulous Kale chips!

Tomatoes OR  Sweet Peppers–  These beautiful globes can be eaten fresh or made into sweet jams and preserves. Peppers are perfect on the grill, in the oven or on the stove. Enjoy them sauteed or blackened, in any dish you can imagine. I encourage you to try eating these peppers raw, however they are delightful roasted, grilled, stuffed, pepper jelly, pickled and stir-fried.

Garlic – Delicious in so many recipes, fresh and spicy! Salsa is always so refreshing and extra special when it has just the right amount of a spicy kick.

Okra – The Okra can be enjoyed raw, steamed, fried, baked, or stewed.

Squash OR Eggplants – So many ideas to try: vegetarian cutlets, eggplant Parmesan, baba ghanoush, or moussaka. Scrumptious Summer Squash, yum. Saute, grill, bake, fry, and roast. Be sure to send your recipes!

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2 thoughts on “2014 CSA Week 24

  1. Lance Hinds

    When does the summer CSA end?

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