CSA 2014 Week 25

*** This week is an odd week, therefore half shares will be delivered to the following cities Eufala, Columbus, Albany. and Ichauway!

Greetings from the last day of September. This season is flying by, the vast array of vegetables that fruit and fade is impressive. Watching our little patch of earth rotate through crops, creating an ever evolving mosaic as each season bleeds into the next. It seems as though each week new crops and successions are being seeded and planted, meanwhile others have grown ready for the harvest, and still others are fading into the end of their life cycle.

Cyclical cycles fill our fields with all manner of flora and fauna, both beneficial and detrimental. During the seven months that I have worked on this pasture, I have witnessed sunrises, star filled mornings, and sunsets that have created a mural of memories. If you have not yet visited our farm it is time, the days are shorter and cooler. Visiting the birthplace of your produce is such a unique experience. Coming face to face with the things that sustain you, is life altering. This farm is an example of a giving cycle, we nourish our pastures and animals, and in turn they nourish us. We try to give as much as we take, and to treat our lands with care.

Speaking of newly sprouted vegetables, Beet Greens are our latest share item. These tender greens are harvested while thinning out the beet bed that will soon be filled with little bulbs of joy! They are perfect on a sandwich or burger, they are unique and a flavor burst. Try adding them as a garnish or to add a little zest to an old favorite. Pluck off a leaf, taste test, and decide which recipe could be elevated with the addition of of this green.

Organic Share Items:

Sweet Potatoes – Souffle, pie, fries, hash, mashed, chips, casseroles, scalloped, soup and cheese cake. They are a holiday favorite, and have gained popularity in the everyday. **Please take these sweet babies out of their plastic bag, and place on the counter or windowsill. 

Chinese Cabbage – Perfect for pot stickers, egg rolls, and wrap sandwiches. This beautiful green adds a perfect crunch to any salad, and can be used for dishes where high heat is involved (stir fry, egg roll, pot sticker, and cabbage rolls).

Tokyo Bekana– This Asian green can be used in any recipe that calls for bok choy

Pesto – A bag full of opportunity! Delicious on pizzas, pastas and sandwiches. It can also be mixed with dressing or tossed with cooked veggies to add a new dimension.

Malukia – This green is well paired with summer salads. It is bright and refreshing a great addition to any dish requiring a pop of freshness!

Kale: Red Russian OR Lacinato– Sauteed with onions and garlic or torn as a salad mix, get some greens in your daily meal adventures. These hearty greens make fabulous Kale chips!

Tomatoes OR  Sweet Peppers–  These beautiful globes can be eaten fresh or made into sweet jams and preserves. Peppers are perfect on the grill, in the oven or on the stove. Enjoy them sauteed or blackened, in any dish you can imagine. I encourage you to try eating these peppers raw, however they are delightful roasted, grilled, stuffed, pepper jelly, pickled and stir-fried.

Garlic – Delicious in so many recipes, fresh and spicy! Salsa is always so refreshing and extra special when it has just the right amount of a spicy kick.

Okra – The Okra can be enjoyed raw, steamed, fried, baked, or stewed.

Beet Greens OR Eggplant –  Beet Greens are the perfect garnish to salads, sandwiches, pastas, soups, frittata, quiches and burgers. So many ideas to try: vegetarian cutlets, eggplant Parmesan, baba ghanoush, or moussaka.

Squash – Scrumptious Summer Squash, yum. Saute, grill, bake, fry, and roast. Be sure to send your recipes!

Rosemary OR Sage OR Mint – These herbs are all unique and powerful. They can turn any bland dish into a flavor punch. Enjoy in mixed drinks, sauces, and breads!

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3 thoughts on “CSA 2014 Week 25

  1. Rebekah T.

    What is the name of the green with the maroon colored stems? Is that the malukia?

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