2014 CSA Week 30

*** This week is an even week, therefore half shares will be delivered to the following cities: Americus, Blakely, Cordele, Dothan, Harris, Tallahassee, Warner Robbins, and WOP.

Greetings from your favorite farmers, gardeners, and ranchers! This entry is going to be more informational and less poetic. We have a bit of business to discuss!

The Week of November 17th will be the last week for Main Season CSA pick up.

If you have not signed up for the winter CSA, I encourage you to do so! Slots are filling up, and once we are full, you will have to wait until March for our beautiful, organic locally grown veggies!

The winter CSA starts the week of December 17th and continues through February on a bi weekly basis. Two drop offs every month during December, January & February. The boxes are sure to please with goodies like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, collards, kale and your favorite root crops like carrots, turnips, beets, & radishes!

If you have any questions or would like a Winter CSA application please call our front office and ask for Cindy.

If you have enjoyed your experience with the White Oak CSA we ask that you spread the good news to your friends, family and colleagues. We would love to fill up our Winter CSA and expand our local family. Our CSA program is a great way to start a discussion about food systems and sourcing of food that you are proud to eat and we are proud to grow. We would be ever grateful for any new members to our CSA Family.

New Share Items: Fennel, Beets & Beet Greens, Watermelon Radishes,


A sweet licorice tasting bulb, can be eaten raw in salads/slaws or cooked down into its more tender state. You can pair this sweetened bulb with braised chicken, or keep it fresh with a cold salad, or perhaps even a grain salad. The left over stems (known as fronds) can be frozen and thrown in with chicken stock, or even used in a cocktail.

Storage: Fridge crisper drawer or in plastic loosely wrapped.

Preparing: Remove the stems from bulb, you can then treat it as an onion. Cutting to your desired thickness or shape. The hyperlink included takes you through cutting down the bulb and ideas to try.

Beets & Beet Greens:

The greens can be enjoyed as a normal salad green, or sauteed like kale, or even smoothies. The beets themselves can be roasted, baked, turned into ice cream, pickled, and even eaten raw.

Storage: Firstly, remove greens from roots. The greens WILL pull water from your beets, and your beets WILL be soggy. Once separated, you can store the greens as normal greens and the unwashed beets in a plastic bag in your crisper drawer.

Watermelon Radishes:

These are the hidden gems of the garden. They do not always look like much from the outside. However, once you slice these sweet and spicy creatures open, they come to life in flavor and color. The vibrancy of these roots blows me away.

Storage: See the beet storage above.

Organic Share Items:

Braising Mix These babies pair well with soups, stews, braised meats, pasta dishes, pizza, burritos & tacos. Add some of these nutrient dense greens to any of your favorite dishes for a vitamin boost.

Cilantro Pico De Gallo, pesto, creamy sauces, falafels, mixed drinks and more.

Carrots Sweet tender and ready to eat raw; they can be included in salads, roasted, braised, & in soups.

Beets Try them pickled, in a salad, roasted with goat cheese, as a dessert sweetener, or in juice.

Watermelon Radishes  Radishes can be found in, slaw, pickles, relishes, soup & sandwich garnishes.

Kohlrabi OR Fennel Kohlrabi, the tasty cabbage cousin is perfect for the following applications: Salad topping, Slaw, Pickled, Roasted, Steamed, Fried, & Soups! Fennel can be included in risotto, slaws, salad

Okra  The Okra can be enjoyed raw, steamed, fried, baked, or stewed.

Tomatoes OR Peppers Enjoy them sauteed or blackened, in any dish you can imagine. I encourage you to try eating these peppers raw, however they are delightful roasted, grilled, stuffed, pepper jelly, pickled and stir-fried. These beautiful tomato globes can be eaten fresh or made into sweet jams and preserves.

Kale  Pesto, wraps, sauteed, stir-fry, creamed, risotto, braised and incorporated into soup and stews. Try pairing with bacon! Sauteed with onions and garlic or torn as a salad mix, get some greens in your daily meal adventures. These hearty greens make fabulous Kale chips!

Cabbage Cabbage rolls, cabbage slaws, cabbage salads, pickled cabbage, fermented cabbage, steamed cabbage, raw cabbage, your choices are limitless.

Totsoi OR Pac Choi These elegant green can be sauteed, stir fried, eaten raw, added to soups, stews, dumplings, spring and egg rolls!

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