2014 CSA Week 32

*** This week is an even week, therefore half shares will be delivered to the following cities: Americus, Blakely, Cordele, Dothan, Harris, Tallahassee, Warner Robbins, and WOP.

This is the final greeting of the season. Let’s take a few moments to recap our beautiful 32 share adventure. Our team has ebbed and flowed, we have welcomed some lovely new faces and had to part with some gems as life drew them to their next path. This year has seen many changes, our CSA family has grown, and we even acquired a mascot (regal the official farm dog)! Those of us in the garden have viewed the fields in amazement, as if watching through a kaleidoscope. Colors and shapes morph into one another and then burst forth entirely unique. It is a marvel to be part of this living tapestry.

I encourage you to take a few moments and jot down some of your favorite food memories of the season, achievements or even food disasters. Our team would love to hear all of the ways the veggies have had influence in your homes. Please send them to Mary.Bruce@WhiteOakPasetures.com

As all things come to an end for the main season, things are starting to blossom for the next chapter. A familiar phrase comes to mind “Winter is coming” and it sure is. Our team has begun following freeze protocol in the garden, and we are preparing high tunnels, winter beds, row covers, and over wintered crops. We hope to see you again for the winter season! We have some exciting surprises for our winter CSA members, we are rolling out some new items and even an item that the members have direct participation in!

(2 shares per month) x (3 months)= 6 boxes of wintery goodness.

Our team (Ryan, Johnny, Tommy, Molly, Tim, Graham, Lori & I) are wishing you a wonderful holiday meal full of great food and dialogue. It has been pure pleasure serving you and meeting you. Thank you all for your commitment and dedication to our CSA, we appreciate you!

PLEASE SEND RECIPES!!!! I am weaving together the CSA cookbook and need all of the input that you have to offer! Please send your goodies from our hand grown goodies!

New share Item: Lemon Grass & Hakurei Turnips

Lemon Grass: This fragrant grass is arriving at the perfect time. Just in time for soup & hot tea season. If you are looking for a brighter lighter option you can use it to infuse citrus salads and Asian themed cocktails. It has the added benefit of being a stir stick for drink recipes both hot and cold!

Preparation: Using your hand peel away the tough outer layers, until you reach the cream colored center. From here you can grate, pulverize or slice, dice and chop to suit your lemon grass desire.

Storage: Using plastic wrap (bound tightly) keep in the fridge for a week, or freeze for close to six months.

Hakurei Turnips: Aka Japanese turnips. I just saw a stunning recipe that would be lovely over the holiday season: Roasted Beet & Turnip Galette.

Preparation: Remove bulbs from greens, both are edible. Both can be sauteed together or even roasted together!

Storage: Remove stems and store separately. Store the leaves like other greens and the turnips like other root veggies.

This share includes ginger, sugar cane, & lemon grass that should inspire you to make a kick but infused syrup, cocktail or even delectable baked goods. Imagine with me sugar cane cookies made with ginger and lemon grass. Oh, that sounds like the holidays to me! Or a moscow mule with fresh ginger and lemon grass? Does it get fresher?

Organic Share Item:

Lemon GrassSoups, stews, dressing, tea, infused syrups and cocktails.

Hakurei Turnips Eaten raw, sauteed, roasted, stir-fried, or pickled.

Cabbage 2X (heirloom & hybrid) Cabbage rolls, cabbage slaws, cabbage salads, pickled cabbage, fermented cabbage, steamed cabbage, raw cabbage, your choices are limitless.

Salad Radishes – Radishes can be found in, slaw, pickles, relishes, soup & sandwich garnishes.

Carrots –Sweet tender and ready to eat raw; they can be included in salads, roasted, braised, & in soups.

Ginger  – Spicy earthy heat. A root with sensational properties. Include in teas, tonics, baked goods, stir-fry, pickled creations, dressings and freshly jucied.

Sunchokes – Tuber Love. Enjoy these roots blanched, roasted, sauteed, pureed, or raw.

Sugar Cane – What a sweet treat! It can be chewed on raw, juiced, used as skewers, and as garnishes in mixed drinks.

Kohlrabi OR Fennel –Kohlrabi, the tasty cabbage cousin is perfect for the following applications: Salad topping, Slaw, Pickled, Roasted, Steamed, Fried, & Soups! Fennel can be included in risotto, slaws, salad

Collards – Pesto, wraps, sauteed, stir-fry, creamed, risotto, braised and incorporated into soup and stews. Try pairing with bacon! Sauteed with onions and garlic or torn as a salad mix, get some greens in your daily meal adventures.

Sweet Potatoes – Souffle, pie, fries, hash, mashed, chips, casseroles, scalloped, soup and cheese cake. They are a holiday favorite, and have gained popularity in the everyday. **Please take these sweet babies out of their plastic bag, and place on the counter or windowsill. 

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