Winter CSA 2014 Week 2

Warm winter greetings from your favorite farmers!

We hope that you enjoyed your holiday, along with your first CSA share and its wonderful contents. It is that time again, its a pick up week! Get excited, this week is sure to surprise.


Our CSA blog will be making a transition in time for the new year. CSA posts will be made Sunday evening, allowing our members ample time to prepare for their incoming produce share. Tuesday’s post will become a spotlight for the ten species that roam our pastures. Lastly, we will have a post on Thursday, that will showcase all of the happenings on the farm, along with events that White Oak is partnered with. This transition will introduce new voices, and perspectives from our farm. We are really excited to offer you a more intimate look at what is going on in our gardens, fields, & pastures.

New This Share:

With no further delay please meet our newest member: a Sprouting kit!

This little kit allows you to join in the growing process with us, it gives the opportunity to experiment, create & grow living creatures on your counter! This year our team wanted to try something new, and we hope you love it. Please give feedback throughout the season to let us know what you think!

Our team has chosen four unique sprout mixes for our members to try. We have included the first mix, San Francisco, for your tasting pleasure. Please check out this link for further instructions. Sprouts have so many positive qualities, they are a full five sense experience. They are visually stunning, their texture is unparallelled, their scent earthy, with each touch they spring back into form, and I am sure if we had the sound equipment we could here them bursting through their shells into life. You may be wondering about taste, but you will have to be adventurous and find out yourself. The San Francisco Mix is meant to send your taste buds singing. Fall in love with sprouts.

Other vegetable gems new to our share: Sweet Potatoes, Hon Tsai Tai, Garlic, Swiss Chard, & Fennel.

These ingredients sounds like the makings of a beautiful stew. Check out preparation suggestions below.


Fennel-remove bulb from stems and store in a breathable bag.

Sweet Potatoes & Garlic– rest in a windowsill, on the counter, or in a cupboard.

Hon Tsai Tai & Swiss Chard- Store in the crisper drawer, in a large zip lock, partially open. Place leaves in first stem facing out and close on either side of the stems.


Meal Planning is the bane of my existence, however as busy worker bee. I need to be better about it. So I set out, inspired by my best friend & the best home cook I know. Using items from this share & a few pantry staples. To my amazement, it was the best lunch I could hope for. It had so many textures & tastes it was wild, and beautiful. This is my second week making this concoction.



Roast: beets & carrots (1hr @ 400F), toss with salt & oil

Cook: mixed grain blend (mine had quinoa, couscous, lentil, etc.,)

Chop: raw broccoli, feta, & red onion

Fold: incorporate all ingredients into a very large bowl. Toss with salt, pepper, & your favorite acid (citrus fruits, or vinegar, or both).

*Hint: if roasting veggies, save yourself some time & fossil fuels, by roasting in bulk. Today I roasted my carrots & beets in one pan, while roasting sweet potatoes & garlic on another for a soup.

Organic Share List

Fennel: Fennel can be included in risotto, slaws, raw salads, or even as a beautiful base to soups & stews.

Head Lettuce: A fresh head of  triple washed salad goodness.

Cabbage (Heirloom OR Traditional):Cabbage rolls, cabbage slaws, cabbage salads, pickled cabbage, fermented cabbage, steamed cabbage, raw cabbage, your choices are limitless.

Carrots: Sweet tender and ready to eat raw; they can be included in salads, roasted, braised, & in soups.

Broccoli: Broccoli is wonderful Fresh, steamed, char-grilled, stir-fry, casseroles, a great addition to any pasta dish!

Pak Choi OR Hon Tsai Tai: These elegant green can be sauteed, stir fried, eaten raw, added to soups, stews, dumplings, spring and egg rolls!

Kale or Swiss Chard: Pesto, wraps, sauteed, stir-fry, creamed, risotto, braised and incorporated into soup and stews. Try pairing with bacon! Sauteed with onions and garlic or torn as a salad mix, get some greens in your daily meal adventures. These hearty greens make fabulous Kale chips! **Try fermenting or pickling the chard stems!

Ginger & Garlic: Spicy earthy heat. A root with sensational properties. Include in teas, tonics, baked goods, stir-fry, pickled creations, dressings and freshly juiced.

Sweet Potatoes: Souffle, pie, fries, hash, mashed, chips, casseroles, scalloped, soup and cheese cake.

Sunchokes: Tuber Love. Enjoy these roots blanched, roasted, sauteed, pureed, or raw.

Beets OR Turnips: Try beets pickled, in a salad, roasted with goat cheese, as a dessert sweetener, or in juice. These sweet Asian turnips can be eaten raw, sauteed, roasted, stir-fried, or pickled.

Sprouts – San Francisco Mix: Please! Please! Please! Check out their website. This will give you tips & tricks on best sprout practices.

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5 thoughts on “Winter CSA 2014 Week 2

  1. Diane Coleman

    Hello I didn’t join winter R you just being kind to inform me of what I’m missing thanks DIANE Coleman happy new I’ll be joing again next session

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Shelby

    My husband and I just picked up our CSA for this week. Everything looks beautiful and our sprout mix looks so nice sitting on the counter waiting to grow…however, after tasting the ginger we were curious…where’s the flavor? We have tested 3 different pieces and there is absolutely no flavor? Would not recommend this for inclusion in the coming weeks. Thanks for the rest of the beautiful bounty 🙂

    • Hello Shelby! Thank you for the feedback. We had some storage issues with the ginger this winter. I believe that is where the flavor loss is coming from.

  3. Beth

    Hi there,

    I am new this season to CSA, and I’ve had a few issues the past two deliveries and wanted to bring them to your attention. The first delivery, I only received 1 pac choi instead of two. This past delivery I did not get ginger or beets/ turnips. I know the beets and turnips were one or the other and not both, but I didn’t get either. I did however receive the greens from what looked like beets. It was like someone cut off the beets and all I was left with was the greens from the beets. Also, 2 of the sweet potatoes were bad and I had to throw them out. I was cutting them up to cook only two days after I received the delivery and they were already rotten. Anyways, I do love you guys and love CSA, but just wanted to bring these items up for future deliveries. Thanks!

    Beth Buckland
    Savant, LLC
    Comprehensive Technical Solutions
    770.438.6240 Main
    770.438.6245 Fax
    404.844.7666 Mobile

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    [Description: Description: logoMicrosoftPartner] [Description: Dell_PartnerDirect_Preferred_2011_RGB]

    • Hi Beth, I am so sorry for these issues. I will make sure that you get replacements for each of these items. Where do you pick up your CSA box at? I will have a bag with your name on it at the pick up next week.

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