2015 Spring CSA – Week 1

**This is an Odd week, therefore we will deliver half shares to the following cities: Bluffton (On-Farm), Columbus, Dothan, Thomasville & Tallahassee.


New this season reusable grocery bags! Hooray, to minimal plastic waste. Each week your veggies will be packed into 2 Reusable White Oak Pastures Grocery Bags, these bags must be returned each and every week.

There will be a designated return box for the reusable bags, please return last week’s bags into that box.

If, you forgot last week’s bags (at home, in the other car, in your gym bag, etc.) we ask that you leave this week’s bag in the bag bin. You may use the bags to transport your veggies to your car, but please return the bags after you have unloaded your vegetable goodness. In order for the system to work we need both bags returned each & every week!

Farm Musing:

The concept of a CSA is a beautiful one, a community rallies together to provide funding for a passionate farmer to provide a season filled with flavorful, fresh, local produce.

Our farmer’s follow the age old growing practices, starting with planning, planting, cultivating, harvesting & most rewarding: providing their labor in tangible form to awaiting families.

When you see us at market, or dropping off vegetable boxes at your pick-up locations. Please know that your words of encouragement echo into our work week.

Veg History:

The Rutabaga “The turnip rooted cabbage”

Scientists believe that this peculiar root crop is a cross between the turnip & traditional cabbage. It has a bulbous root body, with cabbage like leaves.

The greens are edible, and can be cooked in a similar manner as other greens (turnip, kale, radish, etc,).

Sauté with garlic & butter for 3 minutes, add in S&P and a splash of fresh citrus or vinegar (balsamic, apple cider). Serve & enjoy!

The root can be treated like a potato: boiled & mashed, or roasted & herbed.

Be daring and have pulled pork on top of some rutabaga hash!

New this Share:

Everything is new this share, it’s the first week of the season!

Please check the Organic Share Item section for storage, suggested preparations & flavor pairings.

Organic Share Items

Salad Mix OR Braising Mix: braised, fresh, burritos/tacos, pasta, pizza, salad, & soup/stew.

Storage: Remove from plastic bag, place in open container, wrap with a dry kitchen towel to absorb moisture.

Spinach: sandwiches, soups/stews, wilted.

Storage: See Salad/Braising Mix.

Swiss Chard: braise, pesto, pickling (stems), raw, salads, stir-fry, sautéed, wraps.

Storage: Remove rubber bands from greens and wrap in a damp towel, and place leaves first into a plastic container. If stems stick out, wrap in a damp cloth to prevent moisture loss.

Pecans: baked goods, candied, granola, roasted, pesto, pies, stuffing/dressing.

Storage: Keep in the air tight container that they are packaged in.

Radishes: omelets, pickled, relishes, slaw, garnish (soup, salad, sandwich)

Storage: Remove rubber bands. Immediately remove leafy greens, approx. ¼ away from root. Leaving greens attached causes the roots to wilt & become soft. Keep roots in a gallon sized Ziploc with the bag half closed. *See above green storage for the removed tops.

Rutabaga: hash, mashed, soup, smashed, & whipped!

Storage: See Radishes.

Garlic: To be used in aoli, butter & oil infusions, dips, hummus, marinades, pickled, roasted, salsa, sauces, sauteed, soup/stew.

Storage: Store on the Counter in a well ventilated area, do not allow to come into direct contact with sunlight.

Mint: butter mints, chickpea salad, chutney, coolers, cocktails, Feta-watermelon salads, grain salad, infused waters, pesto, smoothie, simple syrup, sorbet, tea, & yogurt dip.

Storage: Keep in fridge in a plastic bag, or out on the counter in a shallow glass of water (stems only).

Bunching Onions: garnish, marinades, salsa, & soup/stews.

Storage: Remove rubber band, wrap bulbs in damp paper towel.

Chinese Cabbage OR Pak Choi: dumplings, egg rolls, pesto, pot stickers, raw, risotto, salads, sautéed, spring rolls, stews, stir-fry, & wraps.

Storage: Place in a Ziploc in the back of your fridge, outer leaves will wilt. If the outer leaves are wilted, discard outer leaves the inner leaves are perfect!


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