2015 Spring CSA – Week 2

**This is an Even Week, therefore we will deliver half shares to the following cities: Albany & Atlanta.

Farm Musings:

Our fields are planted, our high tunnels are lush and our orchards are abundantly blooming. Spring has officially arrived, and our garden is displaying an array of life & vitality.

This garden has become a wild symphony, orchestrated only by the sun, soil & water. Wild flowers and clover taking over any vacant soil, meanwhile the crops are displaying various degrees of lushness.

Each step stirs with life. Bees, crickets, & butterflies dash around you, as if you have stepped into wonderland.

Looking through our photo collection this week will tell of spring crops (collards, kale, carrots, turnips) as well as summer favorites (tomatoes, onions, garlic). This year’s bounty will surpass expectations, our land is beautiful and alive!

Spotlight Veggie: Kale

We currently grow two varieties the Red Russian & Lacinato (AKA Dino kale).

Is a member of the brassica family, cousins include: cabbage, collards, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, turnips, as well as so many others. It was recently tested and classified as a Powerhouse Vegetable by the CDC, it is nutrient dense and aids in disease defense & repair functions.

New This Share:

Kale – This dark green is loaded with flavor and nutrients, it can be eaten raw and enjoyed in many creations that require a prominent flavor profile. Kale is beautiful on its own, but can be highlighted with a simple sauté, risotto, quiche, pesto, juiced, or even as a breakfast omelet.

Kale Zipping: with your dominant hand hold the bottom of the stem between your index finger and thumb. With your free hand, grasp higher on the stem with your index finger & thumb, slide your fingers up the stem & through the leaf until the “leaf zips off” the stem. You have now successfully removed the stem from the leaf. You can enjoy fresh or freeze for later!

Organic Share List

Kale: creamed, pesto, risotto, salad, sautéed, stir-fry, stew

Storage: Remove rubber bands from greens and wrap in a damp towel, and place leaves first into a plastic container. If stems stick out, wrap in a damp cloth to prevent moisture loss.

Head Lettuce: braised, raw, wraps

Storage: Remove from bag, store in an airtight container.

Spinach: sandwiches, soups/stews, wilted.

Storage: See Salad/Braising Mix.

Swiss Chard: braise, pesto, pickling (stems), raw, salads, stir-fry, sautéed, wraps.

Storage: Remove rubber bands from greens and wrap in a damp towel, and place leaves first into a plastic container. If stems stick out, wrap in a damp cloth to prevent moisture loss.


Storage: Keep in the air tight container that they are packaged in.

Rutabaga: hash, mashed, soup, smashed, & whipped!

Storage: See Radishes.

Garlic: To be used in aoli, butter & oil infusions, dips, hummus, marinades, pickled, roasted, salsa, sauces, sautéed, soup/stew.

Storage: Store on the Counter in a well ventilated area, do not allow to come into direct contact with sunlight.


Storage: Keep in fridge in a plastic bag, or out on the counter in a shallow glass of water (stems only).

Bunching Onions: garnish, marinades, salsa, & soup/stews.

Storage: Remove rubber band, wrap bulbs in damp paper towel.

Pak Choi: dumplings, egg rolls, pesto, pot stickers, raw, risotto, salads, sautéed, spring rolls, stews, stir-fry, & wraps.

Storage: Place in a Ziploc in the back of your fridge, outer leaves will wilt. If the outer leaves are wilted, discard outer

leaves the inner leaves are perfect!

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10 thoughts on “2015 Spring CSA – Week 2

  1. Georgeanne McPeters

    So excited to see Kale Sprouts have been planted!!! Cannot wait for those to be in our shares.

  2. Sally Boyd

    Thank you for your hard work! My share this week has been AMAZING! We are enjoying it so much. I cooked Rutabaga for the first time. I was scared at first because I had never eaten them, but i peeled and roasted them in coconut oil and some itatlian seasonings. Even my picky 2 year old loved them! They were so yummy!!!

  3. Patricia Underdahl

    Could you please tell me where in Albany and when you are here for the Albany Market. Thanks. Patty

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Good Afternoon!
      We will be at Albany 229 Yoga ( 2620 Dawson Rd, Albany, GA 31707), this Saturday and every Saturday until thanksgiving. Our market is open from 8am-12pm. Hope to see you there!

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