2015 Summer CSA – Week 15

***This is an ODD week, therefore we will deliver half shares to the following cities: Bluffton (On-Farm), Columbus, Dothan, & Tallahassee.

This Saturday marked the beginning of summer. What will you do with yours?

Summer is a time of traveling, vacations, family, food, and great books! I want to list out a couple of wonderful reads that I have been given. I am hoping that this post will stir others to list some of their favorite food and/or cookbooks. Food is and always be the topic of debate, intrigue, mystery and passion. Whether you love to cook or love to eat, we live in a world with billions of other eaters & cooks. We have so much to learn from each other. Please send me your favorite food books!

Omnivore’s Dilemma & Cooked: Michael Pollan

Farm City: Novella Carpenter

Jayber Crow: Wendell Berry

Ad Hoc: Thomas Keller

Summerland: Anne Quantrano

The Flavor Bible: Karen Page & Andrew Dornenburg

Cooking for Geeks: Jeff Potter

New this Share: Cucumbers, Cut Flowers & Cantaloupe!

Cucumbers: This is a summertime favorite! It subtly says refreshment like few other things do. It is so simple, yet so tasty. Enjoy your cukes!

Cut Flowers: we wanted to share a little sunshine with you so we picked some fresh flowers and sent them along to your CSA pick up! Please take 3 stems from the mason jar, you can choose which ever color combinations you desire!

Cantaloupe: Believe it or not this melon is actually related to the cucumber & squash. As crazy as it sounds, pumpkins, melons, gourds, squashes, and cukes are all cousins.

Perfect pairings:

Cantaloupe, Cucumber, Mint & Feta salad: cut into desired size, toss with feta and mint then enjoy!

Cabbage & Dill Flower coleslaw: Allow the dill flower to add some zest to your next batch of coleslaw.

Cantaloupe & Mint Popsicles: Juice your cantaloupe & mint. Freeze into popsicle containers.

Braised Cantaloupe & Beets with a hint of Mint: Braise your cantaloupe and beets with a little red wine vinegar for a sweet & savory topping to your favorite grain salad.

Organic Share Items

Cut Flowers: Be Creative!

Cantaloupe: braised, garnish, gelato, popsicles, tart.

Storage: Short term storage, keep on the counter 1-2 days. If longer storage required, then remove rind, cut into cubes or slices and store in the fridge.

Cucumbers: raw, pickled, salads, soups, & sandwiches.

Storage: Short term storage, keep on the counter 1-2 days. If longer storage required, dry off & place in crisper drawer.

Cabbage: braised, dumplings, fermented, pickled, raw, rolls, sauerkraut, slaw, steamed, stews, stir-fry, soups & wraps.

Storage: Place in a Ziploc in the back of your fridge, outer leaves will wilt. If the outer leaves are wilted, discard outer leaves the inner leaves are perfect!

Dill Flowers: Used for pickling: carrots, jalapenos, green beans, cabbage, fennel, green tomatoes, swiss chard stems, okra, and so many other vinegar favorites.

Storage: keep in glass of water, like fresh flowers, use quickly.

Squash: bake, blacken, fry, grill, and roast, sauté, stuffed,

Storage: Store in plastic wrap, or in plastic storage bag with all of the air removed.

Eggplant: baba ghanoush, braised, baked goods, eggplant Parmesan, fried, grilled, kabob, marinated, moussaka, roasted, stuffed, tarts, and vegetarian cutlets

Storage: If using quickly, it can be left on the counter. If longer storage is required, place in crisper, no container.

Okra OR Green Beans: fresh, braised, blanched, pan fried, baked, roasted, & pickled. (okra): baked, blackened, curry, fresh, fried, pickled, steamed, stews, stuffed

Storage: Remove from bag, store in a container with a damp cloth covering the beans, close lid slightly. (okra) Store in an airtight container wrapped in a dry towel. Bruises easily, eat soon!

Onions: braised, jams, pickled, roasted, stuffed,

Storage: Store in a cool, dark space with good ventilation. Do Not stack, Do Not store with potatoes.

Beets: braised, candied, cupcakes, juiced, pickled, roasted, smashed

Storage: Remove rubber bands. Immediately remove leafy greens, approx. ¼ away from root. Leaving greens attached causes the roots to wilt & become soft. Keep roots in a gallon sized Ziploc with the bag half closed. *See above green storage for the removed tops.

Mint: butter mints, chickpea salad, chutney, coolers, cocktails, Feta-watermelon salads, grain salad, infused waters, pesto, smoothie, simple syrup, sorbet, tea, & yogurt dip.

Storage: Keep in fridge in a plastic bag, or out on the counter in a shallow glass of water (stems only).

Rosemary: Breads, cocktail, herb marinade, olive oil infusions, lamb, pasta, pork, potatoes, poultry

Storage: Keep in fridge in a plastic bag, or out on the counter in a shallow glass of water (stems only).

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