2015 Summer CSA – Week 17

***This is an ODD week, therefore we will deliver half shares to the following cities: Bluffton (On-Farm), Columbus, Dothan, & Tallahassee.

Week 17 is bursting with loads of fresh garden treats, it is also the bittersweet half way point between the CSA Season. Can you believe that we made it half way already? This season has brought new members to our staff as well as new members to our CSA family. Take a few moments to think of your favorite recipes of the season, your favorite share of the season, and your favorite unique creation.

Announcement: Our Summer 2 Week Break Will Begin the Week of August 17th and goes through August 29th.

We will resume delivering CSA shares on Wednesday September 3rd.

In this portion of southern Georgia our crops die back due to the heat, this also gives us the chance to change gears and start moving towards our fall crops.

New this Share: Pears, Figs, Potatoes, Sweet Corn

Pears: This variety is firm, subtly sweet, and known for canning and baking. We are sending them to you firm & under ripe so that you can choose your application. A pear is ideally ripe when the portion around the stem is slightly soft to the touch. These pears are not ideal for eating fresh, we should have some later in the season that are a fresh eating variety.

Figs: These beauties are sweet and fragrant, each bite extrudes a conversation in your brain. They can be enjoyed fresh, braised, caramelized, poached as well as other decadent applications. Be sure to enjoy quickly, they are a short lived gift of the summer.

Potatoes: Our first potato dig of the season just occurred! There are more secrets concealed by the earth awaiting to be dug up. As the season progresses we hope to have a steady supply of spuds.

Sweet Corn: An experiment for our garden, this was the first season that sweet corn has been planted since I have arrived. The rain has stunted many of the ears, however those that are still thriving are perfectly sweet.

Perfect Pairings:

Mint & Watermelon Juice: Cube watermelon & remove the basil leaves from their stem, pass it through a juicer and enjoy.

Watermelon, Basil & Feta Salad: cube watermelon, chop basil, and break apart feta. Toss together and enjoy.

Pears, Hot pepper, Sweet Corn, Crema & Lime Salad: So weird, so good. Dice pears & hot peppers, cut corn away from its cob, combine all veggies in bowl. Add in a dollop of Crema and half a lime juice. Salt & pepper to taste. This is sooooo good on tacos with fresh micro greens and red onions.

Cucumber & Mint Water: Cut a few disks of cucumber, bruise a leaf or two between your fingers and toss in with your daily water.

Deconstructed Stuffed Peppers: Sweet Roasting or Bell peppers, eggplant, hot peppers, onions, basil, & Okra. Dice all ingredients, except for the sweet peppers, allow the onion to sweat on the stove than add in all other diced veggies. Season to your preferences (tomato paste, cumin, garlic, cayenne, paprika, curry, etc.). Fold in cooked rice, quinoa, cuscus or preferred grain (this step optional). Once you have created the stuffing of your dreams you can serve two ways! Option 1: blacken the peppers on the grill, stove or oven, serve the peppers alongside the stuffing and stuff as you go. Option 2: Leave the sweet peppers uncooked and serve alongside the stuffing, this option gives you the undeniable crunch of a fresh pepper.

Organic Share List:

Potatoes: baked, braised, mashed, baked fries, dumplings, soup, bread, wedges, latkes, the possibilities are endless.

Storage: Store unwashed, in a dark cool location. Not the fridge.

Sweet Potato Greens: Salad, juiced, raw, steamed, sauteed.

Storage: Remove rubber bands from greens and wrap in a damp towel, and place leaves first into a plastic container. If stems stick out, wrap in a damp cloth to prevent moisture loss.

Eggplant (Aubergine): baba ghanoush, braised, baked goods, eggplant Parmesan, fried, grilled, kabob, marinated, moussaka, roasted, stuffed, tarts, & vegetarian cutlets.

Storage: If using quickly, it can be left on the counter. If longer storage is required, place in crisper, no container.

Mint: butter mints, chickpea salad, chutney, coolers, cocktails, Feta-watermelon salads, grain salad, infused waters, pesto, smoothie, simple syrup, sorbet, tea, & yogurt dip.

Storage: Keep in fridge in a plastic bag, or out on the counter in a shallow glass of water (stems only).

Basil: bruschetta, pesto, pizza, sauces

Storage: Keep in fridge in a plastic bag, or out on the counter in a shallow glass of water (stems only).

Cucumbers OR Squash: (Squash) bake, blacken, fry, grill, and roast, sauté, stuffed, (cukes) raw, pickled, salads, soups, & sandwiches.

Storage: Short term storage, keep on the counter 1-2 days. If longer storage required, dry off & place in crisper drawer.

Onions: braised, frittata, latkes, quiche, risotto, savory muffins, salads, soup/stew/stock.

Store: Store in a cool, dark space with good ventilation. Do Not stack, Do Not store with potatoes.

Hot Peppers: blackened, marinade, pickled, salsa, stuffed.

Storage: Store unwashed peppers in a paper towel, wrap around each pepper and store in crisper drawer.

Sweet Peppers (Bell or Swt. Roasting): blackened, fresh, grilled, kabob, pepper jelly, raw, salad, sautéed, stir-fry, stuffed.

Storage: Store unwashed peppers in a paper towel, wrap around each pepper and store in crisper drawer.

Cantaloupe OR Watermelon: tarts, braised, frozen, smoothies, popsicles, paired with feta.

Storage: (melons) Short term storage, keep on the counter 1-2 days. If longer storage required, then remove rind, cut into cubes or slices and store in the fridge.

Figs OR Blackberries OR Sweet Corn: fresh, frozen, marinades, juices, braised, fruit butters, and even enjoyed on fresh salads. (corn) chutneys, slaws, salsas, raw, grilled, paired with grassfed butter!

Storage: (Figs & Blackberries) Store in a single layer on a plate lined with a paper towel. (Corn) Store in the fridge with husk, use quickly! Or cut from the cob and store in the freezer.

Okra OR Green Beans: fresh, braised, blanched, pan fried, baked, roasted, & pickled. (okra): baked, blackened, curry, fresh, fried, pickled, steamed, stews, stuffed

Storage: Store in an airtight container wrapped in a dry towel. Bruises easily, eat soon!

Pears: tarts, braised, poached, juiced, canned, pickled, pear butter.

Storage: Keep in fridge until ready to use.

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