Simply stated: Chickens aren’t vegetarian. They just ain’t.

We’re in the process of redesigning our product labels, and the first thing to go will be the “Vegetarian Fed” claim on our poultry. Vegetarian diets for chickens have been highly marketed, and successful; however, there’s nothing natural about a completely vegetarian diet for a chicken.

While our non-GMO chicken feed mixture is 100% vegetarian and contains no animal by-products as our current label indicates, we don’t want to imply that our chickens don’t have access to the kind of proteins they evolved eating, which they can hunt and forage for themselves. Our chickens live outside, completely unconfined and free to roam our pastures where they get a tremendous amount of nutrition.

We are not just talking about worms and bugs. We have seen our chickens eat frogs, mice, snakes, and any other animal protein sources that they can get their beaks into, including their own dead. It ain’t pretty, but it is nature.

We are not talking about chickens that are starved to near death, or chickens that are driven to the edge of chicken insanity by industrial confinement. We are talking about well-fed, well-adjusted chickens. They naturally love to forage for a cornucopia of food sources, which includes meat.

Look at them. Try to picture a miniature Tyrannosaurus Rex with feathers instead of scales. It looks like a chicken, doesn’t it?

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4 thoughts on “Simply stated: Chickens aren’t vegetarian. They just ain’t.

  1. Well said.

  2. Barbara

    AMEN, it’s about time people realize that chickens are not vegetarians. I have no comfort when manufacturers and farms label them as such.

  3. Isha

    Maybe I am incorrect, but I believe the reason vegetarian feed became popular is because we don’t want them eating ground beaks, feathers, bone–byproducts, in other words. I think that it was marketed as an alternative to that nastiness. Eating in nature, however, they eat what they are supposed to eat, mostly bugs & seeds.

  4. Saralyn E. Smith DVM

    Looking forward to WOP visit #3 soon! The ability to breath and watch the livestock there is always replenishing to this animal science major and DVM..

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