About Us

White Oak Pastures is a family-owned and operated producer of grassfed beef, lamb and goat, as well as pastured pork, rabbit and poultry. Committed to the principles of sustainability and stewardship, our five-generation farm has operated continuously on the same land in Early County, Georgia for 150 years. In addition to being the most diversified farm in the South, White Oak Pastures is also known for closed-loop farming practices and a zero-waste protocol that benefits the land, the animals and the consumers we serve.

White Oak Pastures is the only farm in the United States that has both red meat and poultry abattoirs on the property, inspected by the USDA. Our plant, designed by Temple Grandin, is focused on keeping the animals at ease.

We also offer 60+ varieties of certified organic produce, pastured eggs, artisan goods, on-site lodging, dining and educational workshops. Our products are available for shipping through our online store at www.whiteoakpastures.com.

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