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Quick recipes…

Dinner last night was simple, healthy and delicious: Basmati Rice with a fresh garden stir fry!

Heat oil in your wok, or large skillet (I use olive, with a splash of toasted sesame oil at the beginning and a wee tad more at the end)

1/2 bunch turnip roots (cut into thick sticks) – cook until just tender

(can also add walnuts here, along with a little red pepper, sea salt)

Next, add your Kale and or Swiss Chard (washed, de-ribbed, and cut to bite size with either knife or clean scissors – it cooks way down, 1/2 bunch for two adults probably)

As always, don’t overcook your greens – watch them as you turn them over with your utensil, they’ll turn a vibrant bright green. Add your last dash of sesame oil, salt to taste or use soy sauce. I also like Sriracha sauce to heat things up a tad. Add some of our chicken to this meal and you’ve got a knock-out dinner.

Now, for breakfast! If you ever feel overwhlemed by how much green you have in your fridge this spring – I might recommend a juicer. Along with our scrambled eggs and raw hakurei turnips today we juiced a refreshing zingy concoction that really got the Sunday started off right.

1 bag spinach spinach,

1 bunch turnip tops,

1 bok choi,

small chunck of ginger,

one lemon,

and two granny smith apples

(makes 3-4 servings)

If you do enjoy juicing, let us know and we’ll be sure to have extra Kale, Tomatoes, Collards, Beets and more available for purchase with your CSA drops.

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